Avatar: The Last Airbender

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" gives "Avatar: The Last Airbender | Season 1 - 3" a 10."
Written by on 1 March 2019.
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Avatar: The Last Airbender | Season 1 - 3

Whenever I was bored and I was going through the channels, I sometimes saw this show pass. I never stuck around as I thought he was just a weird guy. Why would someone be bald and have an arrow on his head? But when I recently saw a review about this show on the internet, which was written by adult people who were very excited about it, I couldn't help but become a bit curious.

Avatar: The Last Airbender revolves around Aang. He lives in a world where magic is possible. And by that I mean that people are able to control one of the four elements (fire, water, earth and air). Aang is the avatar, which means that he is the only person who can control these four elements at the same time. A war has been going on for the past 100 years and it appears as if the Avatar has vanished. That is, until he is discovered whilst being frozen in an Iceberg, by Sokka and Katara. A brother and sister from the southern water tribe.

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It turns out that Aang has spent a 100 years in the Iceberg. His people have been exterminated by the fire nation, which is the main enemy in the series. This means that Aang is the final airbender. He still has a lot to learn, so alongside Sokka, Katara and his flying bison he goes on a quest to learn to bend the remaining elements.

Let's start off by saying that even though this show is mainly marketed towards 6-11 year-olds, it is perfectly suitable for adults. Parents can watch it with their children, but even if you don't have any, if you enjoy an epic journey it is still great to watch.

I have never seen an animated show with as much depth as Avatar. Stories all link up with each other and enemies can become friends (and the other way around). Important themes such as feminism or losing a loved one are discussed. But there's also a lot of humour. Although it can be very serious at times, there is always a moment of comic relief which will make you smile. Especially seasons 2 and 3 are of very high quality. It takes some time during the first season to get things started, but it's more than worth the wait.

I've heard some very bad stories about the live-action movie, so I'll leave that out of the picture. On another note, there is already a sequel, The Legend of Korra, which is another show I would definitely recommend. So, have you never seen this show and do you like a great story? Or have you seen Korra, but never seen Aang? Then this show is definitely something for you! Trust me, it will not disappoint.

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