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" gives "Awkward. - Season 1" a 8."
Written by on 26 May 2013.
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Awkward. - Season 1

I was looking for a series that I could easily watch between something else. I found 'Awkward.', a show with episodes of approximately 20 minutes. Although I meant to watch an episode occasionaly, I ended up watching the entire first season on a lazy day off. The first season contains twelve episodes, of which the eleventh and twelfth follow each other directly. It’s an ideal series to watch every now and then, when your favorite series are on hiatus, for example. 'Awkward.' is easy to watch and very entertaining. The series lives up to its name, since there were many moments where I thought, 'Awkward!'.

'Awkward.' is about Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards, 'One Tree Hill'), who is a so-called outcast, not very popular. The first episode starts with Jenna finally standing in the spotlight, but not in the way she wants. Then the series takes us back in time to the end of summer camp where Matty McKibben (Beau Mirchoff, 'Desperate Housewives') first noticed here and where they had sex in some kind of storage cabinet. That moment was pretty awkward. And to make it even worse, it turns out Matty doesn’t want anyone to know that he is into her. When Jenna comes home, she finds a letter addressed to her. It states that if she were to disappear right now that nobody would notice, followed by a number of points on which she should work. Then, due to a very unfortunate accident in the bathroom she breaks her arm. Unfortunately, her parents have just read her blog where she wrote that she could die and interpret the accident as a suicide attempt. Of course, Jenna meant this figuratively, but the gossip runs rampant throughout the school in no time. She keeps this event, and other things that preoccupy her, in a blog title 'That Girl'. Because that’s how she is seen; that girl that tried to kill herself. Throughout the season, she tries everything she can to get rid of that title and become popular in a good way.

Personally, I think 'Awkward.' is a wonderful series, due to the fact that I have watched the entire season in one day. They keep the series interesting by bringing back the letter each episode in one way or another, and to make jokes with nods to her alleged suicide attempt. There are some things I can relate to greatly, but there is also some stuff that would probably not happen in real life.

This is a series where you can just sit back and watch without much effort. Something I can relate to, for example, is that Jenna over thinks many things and later it turns out she was reading too much in the situation. Humans are prone to errors and can experience awkward situations. Rumours can be spread about you while you try everything you can to denounce them, or something comes out that you tried to keep secret. I think there is something recognisable for everyone in the show. This, coupled with a healthy dose of jokes makes 'Awkward.' such a wonderful series.

There are several characters that have a proper supporting role. There is of course Matty who tries to keep his feelings for Jenna a secret for the rest of the world, but there is also his best friend Jake (Brett Davern) who develops feelings for Jenna; this title of the show applies greatly here. But there is more to the series than Jenna and those two guys; there are also Jenna’s two best friends who provide the necessary humour. Naturally, Jenna's parents also provide hilarious - and awkward - moments. I especially found Jenna's mother to be quite funny. While my mum would have called me back in if I dressed too sexy at that age - Jenna is fifteen - Jenna's mom provides tops under which Jenna doesn’t need to wear a bra. When Jenna has to be punished for detention her parents don’t even know what to do. They themselves are like kids - they had Jenna when they were in high school - and they never grew out of that teenage mentality and do not know what to do with the situation. When her father suggests that maybe she should go to bed without dessert, her mother rejects the ida saying it will only make her thinner and it’s actually a reward. And just like every high school, there is a huge bitch. This “Queen Bee” gives everyone unwanted advice, sometimes it is even more an order than advice, and always ends with "You're welcome".

'Awkward.' is a wonderful series and I am glad I finally discovered it. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a comedy series that is easy to watch, but has a bit of a story. The entire season has kept me interested and the season finale ends with an interesting twist. I will soon start with the second season!
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