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Banshee 1x07 Promo 'Behold a Pale Rider' (HD)

Banshee 1x07 1x7 'Behold a Pale Rider' - Carrie contemplates giving up Lucas to Rabbit in order to ensure her and her family's safety, while a botched drugstore robbery degenerates into a hostage crisis at the high school, where Deva and the mayor's wife find themselves involved. Original Air Date: Feb 22, 2013 on Cinemax. Subscribe to TV Promos: on YouTube for more Banshee Season 1 Promos in HD. For TV Recaps: Official web site: Banshee 1x07 Promo 'Behold a Pale Rider' Banshee S01E07 Promo Banshee Season 1 Episode 7 Promo Preview

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