Being Human

6.3 / 10
57 min
Comedy, Supernatural
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6.3 / 10
5 seasons / 36 episodes / 2008 - 2013
Network BBC Three
Series has ended


Runtime: 57 min 2008 - 2013
Network: BBC Three
Have you ever heard the one about a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost living together? Well for George, Mitchell and Annie, that's no joke. It's their life... or afterlife as the case may be. The supernatural trio share a rented house, desperately trying to strike a balance between their paranormal problems and the domestic challenges that regular humans take for granted. All in the hope of achieving the simple pleasure of Being Human. By forcing themselves to assimilate into society, they hope to experience the joys and satisfaction of normality...
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Being Human

Populair comments (3)

8 apr. '14, 22:21
super serie zal het gaan missen
10 jan. '13, 12:44 Edited on 06:47
Begint 14 januari niet het 5de seizoen?