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" gives "Daredevil - Season 3" a 8."
Written by on 21 November 2018.
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Daredevil - Season 3

Shall we just forget about the fact that Daredevil had a second season? After a phenomenal first season, the second turned out to be a bit of a let-down. His little adventure in The Defenders wasn't that great either. But in this third season, which is based on the Born Again comics, both the character and the series are (ironically) reborn.

After The Defenders it appeared as if it would be the end of the line for the devil of Hell's Kitchen. Nothing could be further from the truth once we saw him crawling out of the pile of rubble. Disillusioned he was ready to hang up his red suit, but soon he finds himself wearing it once again once Wilson Fisk re-emerges.

In the second season Fisk's absence was clearly noticeable. The Punisher was a great opponent for Daredevil, but his role was limited and The Hand was plain boring. Now that Fisk is back in the picture, that situation changes. Vincent D'Onofrio once again manages to portray the villainous character flawlessly, while also showing that Fisk is only human as well. A person with evil intentions who isn't afraid to use violence, but also a person who has fears, dreams and desires.

Besides Fisk, Poindexter proves to be a credible villain.

Besides Fisk, Daredevil is confronted with another villain: unstable FBI agent Benjamin 'Dex' Poindexter (Wilson Bethel, Hart of Dixie), who will eventually emerge as one of the classic Daredevil villains. He is of the same level as The Punisher. That character almost serves as a mirror to Daredevil, allowing reflection on the decisions made by him. Both that and the strong performance by Wilson Bethel make sure that Dex is a highly successful character who actually proves himself to be an addition to the cast. Next to that, his story successfully crosses paths with the stories involving Fisk and Murdock.

The other characters are great as well. New additions such as Sister Maggie (Joanna Whalley, The Borgias), a nun who works in a monastery where Matt finds himself whilst healing from his wounds and FBI agent Ray Nadeem (Jay Ali, The Fosters), who arranges a deal with Fisk are truly great additions to the cast. They aren't just there to continue the story, they are actually part of it. Unfortunately, the storylines of Matt's old business partners Foggy (Elden Henson) and Karen (Deborah Ann Woll) start to become a bit trivial. This is quite a shame as in the previous seasons these three were the ones who carried the show and I do sort of miss these dynamics.

The one thing Daredevil excelled in three years ago was the fighting choreography. Beautifully filmed scenes with long shots in which Daredevil thrashed criminals and at the same time got a bit of a beating himself. For those who are interested in such 'long takes' this show was an absolute feast, with one of the most prominent examples being the hallway scene from the second episode. Season three also contains many of those glorious scenes, with the highlight being the one from episode four. In this episode Daredevil has to infiltrate a prison in order to acquire information about Fisk. What follows is an 11-minute long scene where Matt is forced to fight guards and inmates alike, while at the same time closing a deal with one of the gangs. Action and dialogue alternate and merge seamlessly. And all of that in only one cut. Brilliant!

Does it still come as a surprise when I say that thirteen episodes is too much?

Does it still come as a surprise when I say that this season is a bit too long? Definitely not. It's a known problem with the Marvel/Netflix series. There just isn't enough story to fill thirteen episodes. Halfway through the season the series becomes a bit slow and that is a shame. What does help, is that the episodes are a bit shorter, which results in the episodes being less slow in comparison with the previous season of Luke Cage.

All in all, it feels as if Daredevil has been reborn in its third season. Wilson Fisk makes a glorious return and provides enough material to keep the story interesting. The actors are solid, the mood is nice and dark and the action is on point. It's not perfect, but I'm willing to forgive some of the minor flaws. With the cancellation of Luke Cage and Iron Fist it wouldn't come as a surprise if Daredevil would be cancelled as well. I truly hope that won't be the case, as I really want to see more.
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