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Trailer for third season Elite

The trailer for the new season of Elite, which will appear on Netflix on 13 March, can now be seen.

Earlier, it was already announced that the third season from the Spanish series Elite will release on Netflix on the 13th of March. The trailer has just been released. Along with the publication date of the third season, a teaser also came online, showing two new characters

In Elite, three friends of the working class end up - after their own school has been destroyed by an earthquake - forced into the very exclusive school Las Encinas. Due to the differences between students, poor and rich, conflicts arise. The tensions only increase when the school is startled by the murder of one of the students.

In the third season, the characters start with their final months at the exclusive school. In these months they have to make choices that affect the rest of their lives. There are rumors that they are also working on a fourth and fifth season, but with a completely new cast. Watch the trailer for the newest season below.

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