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FOX cancels ‘Dads’, ‘Enlisted’, ‘Rake’ and ‘Surviving Jack’

FOX is busy cleaning up and has four of its new comedy series of the past year cancelled. ‘Dads’, ‘Enlisted’, ‘Surviving Jack’ and ‘Rake’ will all disappear in the trashcan.

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is the only comedy of FOX that survived and will be seen next season on the network. That is not surprising since ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ is best received by critics and also won some prizes.

There were rumors about a renewal for ‘Dads’. ‘Dads’ was probably the worst received comedy show last year, and that is an understatement, but it performed better than the comedies that did get a renewal, ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’, ‘New Girl’ and ‘The Mindy Project’. That one of the top producers of FOX, Seth McFarlane, was behind the series ‘Dads’ seemed to give the series a deciding factor, but it did not. So many critics can sleep better at night knowing that, according to some, the worst series of 2013 is cancelled.

Surviving Jack’ and ‘Enlisted’ were well received by critics and ‘Surviving Jack’ showed that Christopher Meloni can be an excellent comedy actor. Both series, however, were thwarted by extremely poor ratings. ‘Surviving Jack’ had ‘American Idol’ as lead-in and that has proven not to have been successful in successfully launching a comedy series.

Enlisted’ has had it even harder because it was programmed on Friday night, a time slot where it did not have a chance. Another series that was also been programmed on the Friday was ‘Rake’. It, too, will disappear in the trashcan. And so the Friday night line-up of FOX has failed terribly and ‘Enlisted’, ‘Raising Hope’ and ‘Rake’ are the victims of that failure. Every upcoming series that will be programmed by FOX on the Friday night will shiver…
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