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Regular character dies on Family Guy

Last month, 'The Simpsons' producer Al Jean teased a famous death on world's longest running animated show. Now it seems 'Family Guy' beat him to the punch. Last Sunday ended the life of one of the regular characters on Seth McFarlane's animated series. If you haven't seen the November 24th episode, there will be spoilers.

It's not the first time 'Family Guy' kills off a major character. For its 100th episode Stewie shoots his mother multiple times. The following episode sees Lois returning from the dead to take revenge. The plot came natural after five seasons of Stewie hating and plotting against his mother. The 200th episode of the series, which only aired this November 11th, was dead free. Even though this particular death was teased at Comic-Con, for most it will come out of nowhere that the Griffins say goodbye to their only pet: Brian.

The death of Brian hits close to home for a lot of people. Stewie, who as a team with Brian is often seen as the backbone of the show, is playing with Brian outside. They are enjoying the day. When Stewie looks away, a car drives onto the lane and hits Brian. The vet says there's nothing he can do and the Griffins bid farewell to their best friend. Usually this plot wouldn't have that much impact on a show that literally makes fun of everything. Only this time we see tears, an actual funeral (with Cleveland returning to Quahog) and a month of mourning. More importantly, the episode initially starts off with the destruction of Stewie's time machine, which suggests the creators wanted to eliminate any possible way out of the storyline.

Executive producer Steven Callaghan told E! Online that Brian's death was a "fun way to shake things up". The creators are excited about the possibilities the death brings to the family with a new character waiting in the wings. Callaghan also believes fans are "smart and loyal enough" and that they can trust the producers to do what's best for the series. Brian, who's been around since the premiere, is voiced by Seth McFarlane. The death is clearly a creative decision and not fueled by behind the scenes drama, like with Chef on South Park. FOX already put up a memorial video highlighting some of Brian's best moments in the eleven seasons he's been on the show.
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