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" gives "Fear the Walking Dead - Season 4" a 7.5."
Written by on 8 October 2018.
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Fear the Walking Dead - Season 4

No calm after the storm

For once I've got something positive to say about the fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead. A sufficient grade for an unusual season, mostly due to the second half, which really appears to distinguish itself from the previous three seasons. The fourth season isn't exactly easy to watch. With flashbacks, flashforwards, flashbacks that have flashbacks and flashforwards that have flashforwards and more time jumps than even a show like Timeless can produce.

Nonetheless, it feels as if this fourth season is the best season so far. Maybe it's due to the new characters Althea (Maggie Grace, Lost), John Dorie (Garret Dillahunt, The Gifted) and June/Naomi/Laura (Jenna Elfman, Dharma & Greg). Or maybe it's because of the familiar Morgan Jones (Lennie James) from The Walking Dead. I can't say for sure. It could very well be because we've made a two-year time jump and because the creators aren't afraid of pissing off the fanbase with various controversial decisions.

I'm going someplace where people are trying to do just that. Rebuild, not make beer.

Although I do think that some characters are a bit too soft, their decisions are understandable. Not all are suitable for our time, but they live in a world of desperation, fear and the living dead. It's not weird that not all of the decisions seem to make sense. Main characters such as Madison, Nick, Alicia, Victor and Luciana are going through a tough time this season. Easy times on the ranch are over. Finally they have to work hard in order to survive, and that is quite different compared to the characters from The Walking Dead.


No Negan or other bastards who try and make life difficult for our heroes. Pure survival, on the road trying to find someplace safe to eat and sleep. And once they've finally found that place, they're confronted by the walkers. Life isn't great at all in this fourth season. Very few good things happen, there is a hurricane, a flooding and even a maniac of whom you wonder how she managed to survive for so long.

She's stuck. Whatever happened to her, she thinks killing is the only way.

Morgan finds himself confronted by a certain person and she makes it fairly difficult for Morgan and the others to survive. It was great to see a person such as her in a show like this, just so that it becomes clear that not everyone is mentally stable in an apocalyptic world. It turns the fourth season in a good season with zombies, lies, deception, beer recipes, help and forgiveness. Sounds weird, but that last sentence is pretty much a summary of the entire story. It may sounds strange that this is coming from me, but I'm actually looking forward to the fifth season.

Where do they go, where did they come from and what will happen on their journey? Will the creators be able to make some unusual decisions? Decisions that will affect all characters and the storyline. Will there be more interesting characters? And will there be a crossover with The Walking Dead? These are questions that will hopefully be answered in the next year.

The fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead doesn't really end with a cliffhanger, but I'm still curious about the fifth. 7.5 points for an apocalypse that even has its own flying zombies.
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