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" gives "Fear the Walking Dead - Season 4" a 6.5."
Written by on 26 October 2018.
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Fear the Walking Dead - Season 4

A lonely man named Morgan wanders through the wilderness. He has left his former community and is looking for new companionship and inner peace. The first he finds in two strangers: John and Althea. The trio travels on, conquers danger and is looking for even more companions. Then they're stopped by a group of armed strangers. Their names are Alicia, Nick, Victor and Luciana.

The first half of this season was better than the second.

Can Fear the Walking Dead become better than The Walking Dead? After watching the first half of this season, I would say yes without any doubt. My answer after watching the whole season has changed to 'kind of'. The fourth season started off spectacularly, with an interesting storyline, a unique structure and charismatic new characters. Unfortunately the quality dropped in the second half of the season.

Last year there was a lot of media attention surrounding Fear. A character from The Walking Dead would appear on the show! This would be the first official crossover. It wasn't Abraham, as was speculated, but Morgan Jones (Lennie James). An unusual choice that brought some creative changes to the show.

The Morgan the fans expected was the deranged Morgan before he had joined Rick's group in the fifth season, as Fear is a prequel. Instead of that, we get a Morgan who has lived with Rick, who fought against the Saviors and who now wants to follow a different road. To accomplish all that, there had to be quite a lot of changes in Fear. I do think that's a bit of a shame, as it means we never got the answer to the cliffhanger of season three. But I also think that it takes guts to move forward like that.

With the right material the cast is able to elevate the show to a higher level. But for that to happen, the material has to be there.

In The Walking Dead Lennie James has already proven that he can portray an interesting version of Morgan, but then he needs to have the right material. In a solid season premiere he proves his acting skills. The same applies to the other cast members, they need to have the right material in order to portray their characters well. An example would be that I thought that Alicia and newcomer Charlie (Alexa Nisenson) were portrayed quite well in their solo episode. Newcomers John (Garret Dillahunt), Althea (Maggie Grace) and June (Jenna Elfman) are a welcome addition to the cast. But for the characters to work, the material has to be right. Not each episode is of the same quality and because of that neither is the cast.

Personally, I thought that the first half was better than the second half. The introduction of Morgan and the other newcomers was done well. The storyline where Madison and her group lived in an abandoned baseball stadium was also quite interesting. As they tried to keep the peace, they were threatened by a dangerous group called The Vultures. During this first half the writers dared to make difficult choices and some of these were quite successful. This doesn't apply to each risky choice, but at least they tried to keep things interesting.

I thought that the second half wasn't as good. After a catastrophe the group has fallen apart. As they try to locate each other, individual members of the group create new friendships, but also new enemies. The story was quite similar to the fourth season of The Walking Dead, but not as good. The story is very slow, which is a shame. Especially because the new big bad of the second half and her reasoning for acting the way she does could've been interesting.

Despite some minor flaws I can say, without a doubt, that the fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead is the best so far. The upward trend that started in the third season, has continued. There was a lot of potential, but unfortunately it wasn't always realized. The decent ending provides a lot of possibilities for the next season. And I look forward to it with cautious optimism.
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