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Press-premiere Game of Thrones: season 3

At 10 AM today, Game of Thrones' first episode of season three was shown to the press in Amsterdam. With pride, we can say MySeries was there.

Game of Thrones is an American series on HBO that started in April 2011. Game of Thrones is based on the books 'A Song of Ice and Fire' by George R.R. Martin. It's about a power struggle for the Iron Throne between seven noble families on the fictional continent Westeros.

Season two ended almost a year ago (early June 2012). Game of Thrones has been in the news a lot lately, the trailers have been viewed often by the many fans and today, finally, the press-premiere of the first episode of season 3 in the Netherlands.

This morning we arrived at 10:10 AM at 'Het Ketelhuis' (theater), where the first episode would be shown to the press. At 10:40 AM we could sit down with the select group of invitees. Here we got a brief introduction provided by PR Officer Jeroen Roovers (HBO NL), who had seen the episode the night before and told us it would not be disappointing. After the short introduction the first episode of season three started.

We will publish a review about this episode later today. Something we can tell you is that this beginning certainly isn't disappointing. In case you've often seen the trailers, you will also recognize a lot in this first episode. It an episode with tensity and also a lot of humour. HBO tells us that family and loyalty will be the overarching themes this season and many crucial plot elements will find their violent completion. Several main characters will get a fateful and cruel end.

Season three will start March 31st in America. We are looking forward towards the rest of the season, are you looking forward to it too?

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