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" gives "Game of Thrones - Season 7 (DVD)" a 8.5."
Written by on 19 August 2018.
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Game of Thrones - Season 7 (DVD)

It's been a while since it became known that the eighth and last season of Game of Thrones will not be released until 2019. For the fans of this fantasy show, which had a new season each year since 2011, this will be a gap year.

Game of Thrones is based on a series of epic fantasy novels, written by George R.R. Martin. The entire series of books is called 'A Song of Ice and Fire'. The first out of the (currently written) five books has the same name as the series. The American producer HBO decided to adapt the books into a TV series. After the story of the first five books was used in the first five seasons, HBO decided to write the scripts of season six, seven and eight together with George Martin. Generally, the show is given positive reviews. On Myseries it has an average grade of 8.9.

Usually the show is given positive reviews. On Myseries it has an average grade of 8.9.

For those of you who haven't discussed Game of Thrones during their coffee breaks at work, here is a crash course in GoT (this is how the fans abbreviate the show). Briefly put, the show is about the struggles between the seven kingdoms, which are located in a mystical world, which is very much like our own. There are various animals, humans live there and they even have customs that are known to us, but their Earth is different from ours. There are only two continents: west (Westeros) and east (Essos). A large portion of the show takes place in the north of Westeros ("The North"). The story doesn't take place in modern times, but more or less a time that would be similar to our medieval period. There are knights, damsels and castles.

In the current seven seasons of GoT there are quite a few casualties. A YouTuber named Leon Andrew Razon has calculated that there have been 150.965 deaths since the beginning of the series. It should be taken into account that this extreme number also applies to main characters, as they too seem to die in great numbers. Besides that, the show also features several explicit sexual scenes (at least in seasons one till six). There are various storylines going on at the same time, and they're quite diverse as well.

Slowly, but steadily the writers are working their way towards an incredible finale. I can't wait for 2019!

The seventh season only has seven episodes, instead of the ten we're used to. During the previous seasons the slogan was 'Winter is coming', whereas it now has turned into 'Winter is here'. The production quality was quite high. My personal favourite episode of this year was the final episode of the season. The first episode starts off with a bloodbath and we end the season with sexual intercourse between two family members (cousins, who don't know) and the world of the living under siege by a massive army of the dead.

The seven episodes of this season pretty much confirm to me that GoT is an absolute phenomenon. From dragons to walkers and from Starks to Lannisters. From love and desire to unbridled revenge. Now that we are finally moving towards the end of the series, a number of main characters become more and more prominent. For instance, we get to know a lot more about the Stark sisters. As viewers, we actually know characters who have never met before. Now that the end is approaching, storylines begin to merge. A nice example is the meeting between the Dragon Queen and the King in the North. Other actors, such as our own Michiel Huisman and Carice van Houten begin to fade away. Slowly, but steadily the writers are working their way towards an incredible finale. I can't wait for 2019!
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