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" gives "Gotham - Season 4" a 7.5."
Written by on 17 June 2018.
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Gotham - Season 4

Why do you keep insisting I'm insane? What's insane about having a backup plan? - Jeremiah

Gotham: it's the show where the bad guys are a lot more fun than the good guys. This season starts off with Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor, The Walking Dead) in a position of power. He managed to legitimize permits that allow certain criminals to commit crimes, without interference by the police. This is an ill omen, as it is Oswald we're talking about.

Let's start off by discussing the season four ending. Usually I am looking forward to the next season, sometimes I find it really difficult to wait, but now I want to have the next season start yesterday. Because:

What. A. Finale.

Nearly everyone appears. From Penguin to Man-bat, from the Sirens to Hugo Strange and even Mr. Freeze and The Joker appear. I'm afraid I have to admit that all these villains are the reason why I watch Gotham. It's not that James Gordon or Bruce Wayne aren't interesting enough, but Gotham is at its best when the villains are on screen.

Let's head back to the rest of season four. It had some weaker moments. The disadvantage of having so many bad guys is that they don't all get the screen time they deserve. In this season we got to meet Sofia Falcone (Crystal Reed, Teen Wolf), but towards the ending I had already forgotten that she even existed. If a new evildoer is introduced, then he or she must really differ from the others, the character should be unique. Sofia was a horrible blend between Penguin and (her father) Carmine Falcone. She was more of the same. Crystal's acting wasn't that bad, but it wasn't adequate enough to create a lasting memory.

A short while ago it was made known that the upcoming fifth season (which will consist of 13 episodes) will also be its last. I think that the writers may have anticipated this. In this entire season they ignored everything regarding 'these characters may not yet fully develop into their true characters, because that can only happen when Bruce Wayne becomes Batman'.


Gotham has let go of the idea that they can only introduce characters who are younger versions of classic batman villains. And they have succeeded. It's a show that has its own universe, which strays away from the comics at times.

The various storylines of this season vary in quality. Next to the appearance of Sofia, we also witness the return of Ra's al Ghul, but for him it would've also been better to remain in his grave. Butch and Ed's storylines are hilarious and it also appears as if Barbara has finally found her spot.

But the most important story of all is the storyline of Jeremiah/Jerome Velaska. The Joker, but not entirely. Due to various rights the show isn't allowed to use the name 'The Joker', but apart from that it is clear that he is that character. Cameron Monaghan (Jeremiah/Jerome Valeska) is a great addition to the cast and the character is also a wonderful addition to this wacky band of characters that could only exist in a show such as Gotham.

A good season, with some poorly introduced characters, strange and hilarious storylines and a promising, but bizarre cliffhanger.

A 7.5!
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