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NBC renews ‘Hannibal’ and ‘About a Boy’, cancels ‘Revolution’ and ‘Community’

NBC Announced that ‘Hannibal’ and ‘About a Boy’ will return next season to the network. For both series the renewal was no surprise.

The rom-com of Jason Katims ‘About a Boy’ did very well on Tuesday night after ‘The Voice’. The show received constant ratings, with even a few outliers.

NBC also places ‘Hannibal’ back on the menu; connoisseurs can again take place at the table and greedily wait for the upcoming season. This renewal before the up fronts is good news for the series, because last season the series was renewed after the up fronts. ‘Hannibal’ is not doing very well on the Friday night but the series is not expensive for NBC and because of a specific deal the third season will be even cheaper in costs. And it helps that ‘Hannibal’ is the most acclaimed show on NBC.

After dodging the bullet a few times, ‘Community’ luck has run out; the series is cancelled by NBC. Creator Dan Harmon returned this season to ‘Community’ and the quality of the series made a huge step forward. The ratings came close with the ratings of season four, but after the fifth season it is done now. The sixth season which is so desired by the passionate fan is not to be, and now we hope that the movie is still a go.

After a flying start, ‘Revolution’ will come to an end after two seasons. ‘Revolution’ performed well the first season and it was very prominent in the up fronts presentation of NBC last year. This season, however, the series was no shadow anymore of the series that it once was and the ratings were also not very overwhelming. In fact the series has lost a lot of its audience, for NBC reason enough to no longer want to take part in the ‘Revolution’.
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