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Star-studded voice cast for Netflix series Masters of the Universe

Mark Hamill (Robot Chicken), Lena Headey (Game of Thrones), Chris Wood (Supergirl) and Sarah Michelle Gellar (Robot Chicken), among others, will voice iconic characters.

The animated series, with Kevin Smith as showrunner, will be a restart of the classic Masters of the Universe franchise and will continue where the events of the He-Man universe ended decades ago. Hamill will voice the villain Skeletor, his right hand Evil-Lyn is voiced by Lena Headey. Wood voices He-Man, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones) voice He-Man's warriors Teela and Man-at-Arms respectively.

Alan Oppenheimer, who voiced Skeletor in the 1983 He-Man series, can be heard in the new series as Moss Man. Stephen Cast, Diedrich Bader, Griffin Newman, Tiffany Smith, Henry Rollins, Susan Eisenberg and Alicia Silverstone will also be part of the cast.

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Writer and director Kevin Smith and Rob David from Mattel TV

“I cannot believe the lineup of talent I get to play with! The incredible, star-studded cast that Mattel’s Rob David and Netflix’s Ted Biaselli assembled for our Masters of the Universe series will let any lifelong He-Man fan know we’re treating this cartoon seriously and honoring the legendary world of Eternia with A-list talent! Chris, Sarah, Mark, Lena and the other amazing actors and actresses have given performances so powerful and real in a show that features a talking giant green tiger! With these fantastic performers behind our characters, it’ll be crazy easy to immerse yourself in the swords and sorcery of our epic sci-fi soap opera!” Kevin Smith added.

Mattel Television produces the series. Smith, Adam Bonnett (Descendants), Christopher Keenan (Batman Beyond) and Rob David (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe) serve as executive producers. Powerhouse Animation (known for Castlevania) will animate the series. Netflix has not yet set a premiere date for Masters of the Universe: Revelation.
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