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Documentary about La Casa de Papel

Few people probably missed out on the popularity of La Casa de Papel. So popular that even a documentary will be made.

The third season (part 4) will not release unnoticed at Netflix. There is a documentary on the role that will be shown at the streaming service together with the start of the third season. On Friday, April 3 the long-awaited third season starts and expectations are high. Spanish-language series are a huge global hit.

In addition to La Casa de Papel, Vis a Vis and Elite can be seen on Netflix and more are on the way. Alex Pina (The Pier) has made a nice deal with Netflix and will make series for the vod service in the coming years and White Lines seems to be the next one. But first the third season of La Casa de Papel. And along with the release of part 4, a documentary will also be released.

The documentary will provide a glimpse into the hit series that broke a record when the second season (part 3) started. In more than a week, the series was watched 34 million times. The series that premiered on Antana 3 and was pushed to great heights by Netflix. The documentary will show how a blockbuster was born, how the Dali masks popped up everywhere and how a world hit was born in the form of an old Italian battle song from the Second World War; Bella Ciao.

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