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La Casa de Papel is going to end

La Casa de Papel is ending. Netflix's Spanish success will have one final fourth season (fifth part), which was already announced a while ago.

A couple of weeks ago, Alex Pina announced that he started working on the fourth season of La Casa de Papel from his hammock. Netflix has now officially revealed that this season is going to happen. This announcement also came included with some bad news. It will be the final script for La Casa de Papel. Netflix has announced that season four is going to be the final season.

Miguel Ángel Silvestre (Sense8) and Patrick Criado (Vivir sin permiso) will join the cast of the final season. According to Pina, the final season will be the most epic and exciting season in the entire series, which originally premiered in 2017. The recording process is set to begin on the 3rd of August. It isn't certain when the final ten episodes of the series will release.

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