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" gives "Lucifer - Season 3" a 9."
Written by on 6 October 2018.
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Lucifer - Season 3

Come on, detective. Chop, chop! More dead-end clues aren't going to find themselves!! - Lucifer

After two seasons of laughter and enjoying the puns made by Lucifer, you'd think that at some point the show would stop being funny. How many jokes can a person tell, before he starts to become boring? Well, Lucifer manages quite well. Nonetheless, this season is vastly different. After being more of a comedy in the previous two seasons, Lucifer starts to become a bit more serious.


Lucifer and the detective. Two peas in a pod. Although she often considers him to be dead weight, she can't seem to help it but get used to the fact that Lucifer is always by her side. Next to that, the characters that were more or less in the background have now started moving towards the front. Dan (Kevin Alejandro, True Blood) and especially Ella (Aimee Garcia, Dexter) receive a lot more attention. An old acquaintance makes a spectacular return and a new bad guy arises.

Someone has put their sights on him.

After sending 'mum' back to hell and being kidnapped, Lucifer wakes up in the middle of the desert. Apparently he now has his wings back, but something is also missing. Once he's home it appears as if it's a piece of cake to remove the wings, but it couldn't be further from the truth. Someone has put their sights on him and has ensured that Lucifer got his wings back. But who? His father, or 'Dear ol' Dad' as Lucifer calls him.

On the other side we have Chloe Decker (Lauren German, Chicago Fire), who appears to have a bit of a crush on Lucifer. But the more she tries to approach him, the further he pushes her away. Because even after several seasons full of inexplicable events, she still doesn't believe his stories. When he tells her that he's the devil, she claims it's nonsense. When at some point Lieutenant Pierce (Tom Welling, Smallville) joins the force, Chloe can't help but fall for his charms. Lucifer has the feeling that something is wrong with Pierce. Next to the more serious moments, there are also some hilarious ones. Lucifer his puns remain funny. But Ella is also a great addition here. Some of these moments were so funny, that I couldn't help but roar with laughter.


The hashtag #SaveLucifer was brought into life.

But then, like a thunderbolt, the bad news hit. Lucifer wouldn't receive a fourth season. Impossible, so too agreed John Henderson, the writer and producer of the series. Assuming that there was going to be a fourth season, he decided to end the third on a massive cliffhanger. He apologized on social media before the final episode aired. But the fans couldn't accept the situation, so after the final episode had aired and that notorious cliffhanger had been witnessed by all, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram exploded. The hashtag #SaveLucifer was brought into life. Cast and crew were surprised about the amount of tweets, which had reached over one million within only a week. Tom flew to the US, so that he too would be able to fight for a new home for Lucifer. Weeks passed, but on the 15th of June the redeeming news arrived. Lucifer was saved, by Netflix!

If you haven't yet seen the third season, maybe due to the cliffhanger, go and watch it. It is worth it purely because of the final episodes of the season. The season started off a bit slow, but once it's heading towards the ending Lucifer is once again as good as it was before. The first three seasons of Lucifer can be watched on Netflix. Filming for the fourth season is currently ongoing, and will supposedly be released somewhere in 2019.
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Who's da New King of Hell?
Who's da New King of Hell?
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