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Corona crisis; which series to watch? Top 5 - another best BBC miniseries

Many great, fun and interesting top-five lists have been released to fill the time we would usually fill with going out and visiting relatives. Enjoy watching! Down below, you'll find another great list by Hessel Hoekstra.

Did you already devour the previous list that featured BBC miniseries? Not a problem. As I mentioned then, the list of programs that fit is so big, because all of them only have one season. This is why I've decided to create another list that features great miniseries from the BBC.

5. Jekyll

Steven Moffat is known for creating a modern setting for literary classics. The most well-known are Sherlock and Dracula (2020). But back in 2007, Moffat created his own version of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Tom Jackman (James Nesbitt) is a descendant of the famous doctor. He to starts to succumb to his Mr Hyde side. With an amazing lead actor and a horror-like vibe, it will be difficult to resist this series.

4. Giri/Haji

In my previous list, this series was on the 'still need to watch' list. By now, I've actually seen it and I thoroughly enjoyed it. A Japanese detective secretly travels to London to find his brother, who is suspected of having committed a murder. Time is of the essence, as this murder threatens to unleash a new gang war in Tokyo. Giri/Haji combines the classic English detective genre with bizarre traces from the Japanese world of television.

3. The Silence

Police officer Jim Edwards (Douglas Henshall) is tasked with solving another murder. The only witness? His deaf cousin Amelia (Genevieve Barr), who has just been provided with a hearing aid. The Silence provides an interesting point of view with the deaf community, which is a lot more complex than you would expect. Because lead actress Barr is also deaf, she is able to display the characteristics of her struggle wonderfully.

2. The Fades

Paul (Iain de Caestecker) is an introverted teenager. When he discovers he can see Fades, spirits of those who can't travel to the afterlife and finds themselves stuck on earth. He joins a secret society and discovers an evil Fade who has figured out a way to become tangible. This Fade wants to destroy humanity. The Fades is a great combination of a teenage drama and a supernatural horror story. This series also resulted in the breakthrough of Iain de Caestecker and Daniel Kaluuya.

1. Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness is a classic, but it is still worth your while. When his daughter is shot before his eyes, detective Ronald Craven (Bob Peck) goes out to investigate. It doesn't take long before he discovers a worldwide conspiracy that threatens all life on the planet. Despite the fact that this series is over 30 years old, the themes are still very current. Besides that, the production value of this series is amazing. The story resulted in a Hollywood movie with the same name that released in 2010, which featured Mel Gibson in the lead.

There are so many BBC miniseries. I could probably create a lot more lists based on this particular genre. The Cry, for example. I haven't actually seen it myself, but I've been told it is really good. I personally enjoyed One of Us and SS-GB. Keep an eye out for more top-five lists in the future.

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