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September 2020: MySeries in 500 words

Well, what can I say about September, except that ABC has released a release schedule and that MySeries has begun preparing for the Series of the Year election 2020.

Apart from that, September was a bit messy and we still haven't gotten rid of the virus that has completely turned life upside down. Football has started and the Tour de France has finished, but apart from that, the cancellations appear to be everywhere. Jumping Amsterdam 2021 has been cancelled and it's not a question if any other events are going to be cancelled, but when they are going to be cancelled.

A small highlight is that various series have started and/or resumed their production process. The virus appears to be unstoppable and even though there seems to be an increase in contaminations, it seems as if people seem to care less and less. Despite the warnings of various world leaders, people appear to be Corona fatigued. And as a result of that, even more harsh countermeasures are coming up.

It almost seems a bit like 'those who don't want to listen, will have to deal with the consequences'. Civilians can be disobedient from time to time, but in times like these I don't think that's a wise thing to do. But honestly, sometimes it is difficult to see what is happening. When is news false or true? The conspiracy theories are everywhere. Luckily, the series fanatic still has plenty to watch.

If you can't watch it on the regular channels, then you can watch it on all the various streaming services. And if you can't watch the new stuff, then you can always catch up. However, there's a lot of uncertainty regarding the upcoming year. Will procedural series have fewer episodes? Is there not going to be a midseason break? Will the series go on for longer? We just don't have the answers at the moment. Hopefully, we'll receive them somewhere this year. And if that's not the case, then hopefully, next year.

Let's focus on the positives. You can catch up with a lot of series. If you work from home, you'll have less travel time and thus more time to do other things. Strangely, that doesn't appear to be the case for us. Since the outbreak, we've watched a lot less and thus we haven't caught up at all. And that is a problem if you work for MySeries. Let's hope that there's going to be a vaccine soon and that all these uncertainties will cease.

In the meanwhile, let's be wise and respect the 1.5-meter rule and ensure that a lot of companies can remain open. If we don't, a lot of businesses will be forced to shut down. Watch loads of series and vote on the Series of the year 2020 polls. If we remain calm and respect each other, we may be able to get through October without any big problems.

With kind virus-free regards,


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