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Series of the year 2020 - Best Flemish/Dutch series

This column supports the Series of the Year election 2020 and discusses the best Flemish/Dutch series. You can vote for your favourite series in this genre and others, between Monday, January 4th and Monday, February 1st.

This year, we've once again succeeded in collecting ten Dutch series that could end up being the best Dutch series of the year 2020. Don't agree with our nominations? No worries. You can always use your wildcard and nominate a different series instead.


Ares revolves around the friends Rosa and Jacob. In this eight-part horror series, two friends are invited to join a secret student society. This society is located in the centre of Amsterdam, and the friends give in to a world of freedom and power. It turns out that the society is built on a location that holds demonic secrets from the Dutch past. A place where the members have to pay a price in order to be part of the elite.

Baantjer het Begin

Eveyr Flemish and Dutch series fan will probably have seen an episode of Baantjer back in the day. The stubborn police detective managed to solve quit a few unsolvable cases, which is fitting for a detective series. But, Baantjer was a rookie at first and this series revolves around that period. The loyal Baantjer viewer was probably surprised by the series. This Baantjer can hardly be compared to the man we knew from the original. Definitely worth your time and rightfully nominated.


Black-out is a Flamish political drama series, which revolves around the sabotage of a nuclear powerplant and the loss of power in the entirety of Belgium. Just before the Black-out, the prime minister received a video that shows her kidnapped daughter with a note in her hands that says: If the light turns on, your daughter dies. It becomes a race against time to find the daughter and catch the perpetrators. Especially the final episode of the series is brilliant and may have resulted in the nomination.

De twaalf

A Flemish justice drama series that has kept a lot of viewers on the edge of their seat. Everyone wants to know if Frie will be judged guilty of the murder of her daughter and her best friend. Despite a big cast, all the characters receive plenty of depth in order to give the viewer a look at all of their daily lives. De twaalf (The Twelve in English) doesn't just limit itself to the courthouse.

Fair Trade

A series that was made by Mark Punt, who we may know for the Flemish series Matroesjka's. Fair Trade revolves around two cops who aren't worried about earning some extra money by helping out the local mafia. Slowly but steadily, they get more involved with the corrupt world. The style we know from Matroesjka's is clearly present in Fair Trade. The story is coherent and the actors manage to portray the characters quite well. Fair Trade has a fair amount of over-the-top violence and sex but does provide a great night of binge-watching.

Hollands Hoop

In the Netherlands and Flanders, it is the habit to wait for the audience response before announcing a new season. Series that go on for longer than one or two seasons often have large breaks in between the seasons. Hollands Hoop has also taken its time before it has gone through three seasons. The story of the psychiatrist who becomes a large weed farmer due to an inheritance has been properly concluded last year. For three seasons, Hollands Hoop has remained at the same level of quality.

Meisje van plezier

For Meisje van Plezier (girl of pleasure), the same applies as for Hollands Hoop. The series started its three seasons, but the decision for another season wasn't made till after audience reception came in. It revolves around a housewife who becomes a prostitute after her divorce. This change doesn't go easily, and that is quite obvious, as a lot of things go wrong in Nadine's life.

Red Light

Red Light takes place in the Flemish and Dutch world of prostitutes. The series has been made by Carice van Houten (Game of Thrones), who also portrays one of the lead characters. A prostitute, a pianist and a police officer become a lot closer after the pianist's husband disappears. A well-created drama that takes a deep look at the lives of the three ladies.


Theo Kamp and his partner Willem Niessen could come back one last time for the three-part fifth season of Smeris (cop). A worthy goodbye for the two officers who have become important in Dutch television history. Without a doubt, this has been one of the best Dutch series we have seen in the past few years. The mix between action and humour ensures that Smeris is a series that keeps you interested.


After the success of the first season, it didn't take long before a second season was released. When Netflix decided to pick up the series, it became rather clear that we wouldn't have to wait years before another season was in the picture. Even better, the second season had already entered production before the first season finished its original run. The only problem was that due to the nature of the story one of the most popular characters couldn't fit in the new story that revolved around undercover agent Bob hunting a gang of arms dealers.

Ten shows, nominated by you, our readers, and the writers of MySeries. Is your favourite show missing? Make sure to use a wild card. Good luck voting!
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