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Spotlight On: Charlotte Ritchie

Spotlight On: Charlotte Ritchie

Lights off, spotlight on! Time to see which series Charlotte Ritchie also has on her resume.
As a British person, how do you prefer to start your acting career if you want to take that first step halfway through the zeroes? Right, on the set of Harry Potter. Become a Hogwarts student in one go. No text, no role other than acting, but a big name to put on your resume.

Well, secondly, because Charlotte Ritchie was also in the short The Open Doors before Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. And although she hasn't officially received credit for her Potter role, she still looks good in it. Ritchie also did not get a place in the credits for her first appearance in a series. That was Emmerdale Farm. So to speak, it can be said that her career in series only really took off with Life of Riley (2008), in which she appeared for two episodes.

A few years later that appearance was followed by a small guest role in Doctors, a very poorly rated English drama series set in a hospital, and - before and after - a role in Fresh Meat. This comedy about six young people who go to college and discover student life is a success and ultimately lasts for four seasons.

Ritchie can also be seen briefly in Children in Need, the BBC's annual broadcast for her own charity that has been made since 1980. In Siblings, Ritchie then has a new leading role that will last twelve episodes over two seasons.

Richtie gained more fame with her performance in Call the Midwife. This historical drama series depicts the lives of a group of women living in east London in the late 1950s and 1960s. Ritchie plays the role of Sister Barbara Hereward. In between, she also appears for a few episodes in Raised by Wolves.

The satirical program Comedy Blaps has also featured Ritchie occasionally over the years, where she last appeared in 2019. However, that does not mean that she has been sitting still. Ritchie realized a dream by - like so many British actors - starring in Doctor Who and in the same year also appeared in Death In Paradise (2011), Drifters, Stath Lets Flats and Cake.

Larger roles will also start in 2019. In Dead Pixels she plays a diehard gamer who faces challenges in both the normal and virtual world. At the same time, she experiences what it is like to almost die in the comedy Ghosts (2019), after which she can see ghosts who have died in the house where she is going to live with her boyfriend.

In 2020, Ritchie continues her busy schedule, appearing briefly in McDonald & Dodds and The Other One, before also taking on a role in the Netflix series Feel Good. She plays Mae's girlfriend, a retired comedian who is trying to get her life back on track.

Granchester is the next well-known British series in which Ritchie appears. She makes her appearance as Bonnie Davenport and then quickly moves on to the Netflix series You, in which an obsessive man tries to invade the lives of those he follows.

Ghosts (2019) has now turned out to be a bull's-eye comedy, of which an American version has also been released (Ghosts). In her leading role as Alison Cooper, Ritchie is now entering her fifth season full of laughs. The nice thing about Ghosts (2019) is the relationship between people who are and are not in the same room and who can or cannot see each other. The question is of course how long things like that will remain witty (pun intended). So it may be a good thing that the makers have announced that this will be the last season. In any case, British humor like Cooper's certainly contributes to the quality of this series. Do you maybe find it difficult to find something you enjoy? Then stick around for (the British) Ghosts (2019).

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