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Spotlight On: Carrie Coon

Spotlight On: Carrie Coon

Lights off, spotlight on! Time to see which series Carrie Coon also has on her resume.
Carrie Coon was born on January 24, 1981 in Copley, Ohio. As an actress, she initially did little work for television and film. Coon was on Broadway, played in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf and showed her acting skills without a white screen nearby.

That did not change for a long time, until 2011, when the then thirty-year-old Coon played a small role in The Playboy Club, in which we also saw Amber Heard. The six-part series is about - not surprisingly - the 'Bunnies' and their companions who belong to the original Playboy Club from the 1960s in Chicago. The series didn't have a long life and was hardly appreciated by viewers.

Coon decides that the film and television world will also become part of her career path. She plays a role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and the mediocre Ironside. She also made a one-off appearance in Intelligence (2014).

She then made her breakthrough when she took on an important role in HBO's The Leftovers. This series, which tells the story of those left behind when two percent of the world's population suddenly disappears, quickly became very popular. The series is strange and intense at the same time. When all form of faith disappears, your security of existence has disappeared and you also have to miss one or more loved ones, it does something to you. Let alone if that applies to all of humanity at the same time.

Coon plays the role of Nora Durst, who has lost her most important loved ones in this way. She plays her role with conviction, with all the attempts she makes to build a new life or escape the pain. Nevertheless, the past - and that one event - keeps catching up with her new reality.

Coon also makes an appearance in the film Gone Girl. When The Leftovers is completed after three seasons, her name will be well known. A role in the top series Fargo follows - another very strong series for her resume. For Coon, two well-known films follow: Avengers: Infinity War. She plays Proxima Midnight. She can also be heard briefly in 'Endgame', although she does not receive official credit for that. At least they brought enough money into the drawer.

A series that follows is The Sinner, in which Coon plays a guest role in the world of detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman). Ambrose investigates several horrific murder cases, where he wants to find out what drives ordinary people to do such horrible things.

More Marvel violence follows as Coon voices her in Marvel's What If...? lends to reprise the role of Proxima Midnight. At the same time, she appears in films in another franchise: Ghostbusters. Coon can be seen as Callie in the reasonably successful 2021 remake.

Coon continues acting in series with The Gilded Age. As Bertha Russell, she plays one of the important roles in HBO's costume drama. The streaming service has also announced a third season of the battle between the Russels and the Van Rhijn's.

In short: there is plenty of Carrie Coon for the fan to follow. She plays a short guest role in Teenage Euthanasia, which was released this year, and the films His Three Daughters and Another Happy Day were also released in 2023. The third season of The Gilded Age is scheduled for 2024, while a Ghostbusters sequel is also due to be released. Who you gonna call...

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