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Awards: Best superheroes series of 2016

What are the best and worst series of 2016? From January 5 untill February 4 you can vote for the Annual Series Awards. This column is written to support the category of best superheroes series of 2016.

It began as a laughable genre; Superheroes. Series about people with extraordinary abilities. Meanwhile this genre grew to be one of the most watched genres, especially on For some people, it’s hard to let go of their sense of realism, that’s why there are still some who will smile when you say you’re watching superhero-series. But not here on MySeries! We can proudly say that it is one of the categories of the series-of-the-year election. But which one is the best? With the speed of an arrow, we go to the first nomination:

Arrow (winner 2015)
‘After five years in hell, I’ve returned home with only one goal: to save my city.’

Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell, Hung) may be the cornerstone on which the DCTV-universe is build. An entire universe of series began with the green bow and arrow shooting hero. Arrow is the most down to earth series of the entire DCTV. The series has a lot of ups and downs and most of the viewers agree that season one and two are still the best. But, most critics are saying that season five is shaping up to be one of the better seasons. In the huge crossover between four different series, it turned out that the Green Arrow is the best leader of them all. But is Arrow going to be the leader of this election as well?

As if we were struck by lightning, we run to the next nomination:

The Flash
‘I am the fastest man alive. I am The Flash.’

The Flash (Grant Gustin, Glee) is the frolic second part of the DCTV. Most people instantly loved Barry Allen (a.k.a. The Flash) in season one. But, some of the praise crumbles as the series continues in its third season. Still, this is the most family-friendly series of the universe. With happy characters and enough time for emotional investment, the series balances the light and dark pretty good. Unfortunately for The Flash, you won’t win if you are the fastest voter, but maybe he will finish first?

As if time itself passes by, we travel to the next nomination:

Legends of Tomorrow
‘We are saving history but don’t call us heroes, we are legends.’

The big time travelling ensemble show with a lot of superheroes, all of which have different powers and different personalities. This sounds like a complicated mess of characters. But this is a show which knows how to balance that. With big DCTV-names like White Canary (Caity Lotz, Arrow) and Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller, Prison break), the first season surprised a lot of critics in a positive way. The time jumping heroes probably already know the election results. So, are they going to win?

We fly to our next nomination:

‘My name is Kara Zor-El, and I am Supergirl!’

Although Superman has been known a lot longer, she got her own series. Kind, loving, happy and a bit feminine are the pillars of Supergirl. Tone wise, Supergirl compares to The Flash the most. Critics are divided about the quality of the series, but according to them, the change of network (CBS -> CW) was a very good move. Supergirl may be unbeatable, but does this include winning an election?

As crazed maniacs, we waddle to the next nomination:

‘This city is sicker than I thought it was.’

Despite also being based upon DC-comics, Gotham isn’t linked to any of the other DC-series. Gotham is a city full of weird, bloodthirsty and disturbed people. There aren’t a lot of other series on which there are so many criminals. And despite not always being successful with the introduction of new characters, some are already unforgettable (Penguin, The Riddler). The first question the people of Gotham asked was how much money I wanted, to rig this election. Or do they have enough loyal followers to make them win this election, in a fair way?

We leave DC behind us, and sneak, like spies, our way in to Marvel. Looking for the next nominee:

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
‘It’s S.H.I.E.L.D. Impossible things happen all the time.’

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.(AoS) started as a spy series, but transformed itself, over the course of four seasons, into a real superhero-series. With different, so-called, Inhumans, superpowers are included each week. With powerhouses as Quake and Melinda May, and the comic relief of Phil Coulsen, the series is still growing in strength. This season, partly because of the new timeslot, is much darker and grittier, and that is a good sign according to a lot of critics. It’s highly likely that every letter I wrote about AoS has been monitored by the technicians of S.H.I.E.L.D., so vote for AoS. (If you think this is the best series, of course!)

As if we’re being guided by a frolic butler, we stride to the next nomination:

Agent Carter
‘I’m not sure whether you follow adventure or adventure follows you.’

This one’s a bit of an odd man out. Critically acclaimed, but terrible viewership. By now this series is cancelled, but nonetheless he’s on the list. Agent Carter (Hayley Atwell, Conviction) was a fresh face in the Marvel television-universe. It was a mix of light and more serious material which made people love the series. I have no idea if Peggy Carter would get a ‘series-of-the-year election’, but if there was one person who could convince you, it would be Peggy. As she would say: ‘I don’t need someone’s approval. I know my value; anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter!’

Completely blinded by the amount of nominees, we fight ourselves to the next one:

‘No good deed goed unpunished.’

Here we go, to the more serious side of the Marvel television-universe. The first season of Daredevil smashed all the expectations people had of a superhero series. Quality, camerawork, music and acting were fantastic. It was hard to do the same for season two, with people now actually having expectations. Critics agree there was a clear decline in quality in season two, but it was still one of the better Marvel series. Despite the decline, Daredevil still deserves to be on the list this year. That is, if you like the more realistic, dark side. Today I got a letter from a Matt Murdock warning me to make sure Daredevil wins. So, vote for Daredevil guys! (Or not, your choice!)

Last but not least, we break through a indestructible wall to reach our last nomination:

Luke Cage
‘I guess you guys haven’t heard about me.’

After Daredevil and Jessica Jones (Isn’t on the list because there hasn’t aired any episode this year.) it was Luke Cages (Mike Colter, Agent X) turn to maintain the quality train the multiple Marvel/Netflix series had established. And maybe that was where it went wrong. High expectations didn’t help to keep the critics happy. But is this because the series has been compared to DD and JJ or is Luke Cage a quality series if you solely look at this one? Nonetheless, Luke Cage is still a very good show which earned its place at the list. To be honest, I’m a little afraid Luke will run straight through me if I don’t nominate him. But, is his victory as impenetrable as his skin? We’ll see...

These are all contenders at a glance:

Agent Carter
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
DC's Legends Of Tomorrow
Luke Cage
The Flash (2014)

So, that was that. These are the nominations of this year’s election. It’s a variety of shows. I’m very eager to find out what you guys voted! Is it Arrow again this year? Is it newbie Luke Cages turn now? Or should the crazed maniacs from Gotham organize a party this year? We’ll find out!
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