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Awards: Which series that ended in 2016 are you going to miss the most?

This column is intended to give some extra information regarding the award for Best ended series in 2016. From Thursday, 5 January until Saturday, 4 February you can vote for your favourite series in this category.

Everything must end. Whether they are good or bad, television shows also have to end. In 2016 a lot of series perished, and we've selected eight for you to vote for in the category best ended television series. Of course you can also vote for other series using the wild card.

During the very first few weeks of the television season, it already becomes clear at the American network channels, the big five, which (new) series will be sent to the happy hunting grounds and which will have a full season and have a big chance of being renewed. But a majority gets a one-way ticket to the graveyard of cancelled series.

Other shows were successful for years, but ended way past their peak. This was the case with our first nominee, Castle. This light-hearted show about crime-fiction writer Rick Castle started as a fun and amusing show, but after a few seasons the magic disappeared. Our second nominee, Banshee, also was a series that did not really do well during its last season. Not bad, but earlier seasons were a lot better. Although they may not have the best ending, I can still say both shows are a fine addition to what television has to offer, and a lot of fans will undoubtedly miss them.

Some showrunners do know when it's the right time to stop. For example, the creators of Hell On Wheels knew that the railroad would be finished after five seasons, and they decided to end it at that moment. The same can be said about Person of Interest and The Good Wife, two shows viewers looked forward to every week. With a number of 103 and 156 episodes respectively, both shows have had a decent run.

Ripper Street was cancelled three years ago by the BBC. This was a big shock for the cast, crew and fans, and they did not agree with this decision. The series was not finished yet; there was a lot more to tell. Amazon also did not agree with the BBC and after a deal, took over the series. This year, after another three seasons, Amazon thought it was enough. And I agree.

Sometimes you have television series that make network bosses and viewers wonder, what the hell are we supposed to think about this? Our next nominee is such a series. A musical comedy about knights, dragons and damsels? You've come to the right place. It was a big surprise when this show got a second season. But that second season would be the last because the ratings judged otherwise. A bit of a shame, because a third season would have been possible

A series that proves that three seasons is an excellent life span is Penny Dreadful. The horror spectacle that takes place in the nineteenth century was the big Eva Green show. She could enchant any viewer, including me, in her wonderful role as Vanessa Ives. The series really should not have consisted of more than three seasons. The story the writer wanted to tell was finished. And it was a wonderful story.

Now the choice is up to you, what is the Best ended series of 2016? These are all the contenders at a glance:

The Good Wife
Hell On Wheels
Penny Dreadful
Person of Interest
Ripper Street.

From Thursday, 5 January until Saturday, 4 February you can vote for your favourite series. Which one will you miss the most and why?
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