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Awards: the best guilty pleasure of 2016

This column is intended to give some extra information regarding the nomination of the best guilty pleasure of 2016. From Thursday, 5 January until Saturday, 4 February you can vote for your favourite in this category.

For an unknown reason I said yes to nominating series for several categories for the Annual Series Awards. That is why I got to tell you something about the best guilty pleasures. Just one problem: what is a guilty pleasure exactly? Answering this question took me a lot longer than actually compiling this list, but eventually I made a few decisions. But it was hard, because what one person considers a guilty pleasure, is serious business for the other person. I did my best and came up with a list. I hope you can agree with this list, but make sure you leave a comment telling me your favourite guilty pleasure! I can't wait!

But before I want to hear about your favourites, I will announce the nominees, in a random order:

Let's start with two supernatural series.
Vampires and other creatures are not uncommon in The Vampire Diaries. During the last few seasons people have been complaining about the declining quality of the show, but there are still fans who can't resist watching every episode. The show has an 8.6 rating on myseries for good reason. It's great to watch and has a lot of drama.

Besides vampires, werewolves are nominated too in this category: the series Teen Wolf. Just like it says in the name, this show is about a teenage boy who turns into a werewolf. MTV made a series full of drama and good-looking people. So is it a series for teenagers then? Maybe it is, but that doesn't mean we can't put it in the guilty pleasure category.

Now it's time for the world of superheroes: Arrow and its spin-off The Flash. The former has started its fifth season this year, and the latter its third season. By having a crossover episode once in a while, the two series stay close together on The CW. Their rating on myseries is also close together with an 8.2 and an 8.1 respectively. Especially Arrow is criticised a lot lately, but that doesn't stop you from secretly watching without having to think too much, don't you? A lot of action, beefy guys, pretty girls and a bit of romance. That is why these two shows are also in this category.

Furthermore, I nominated Empire for this category. So much drama it almost becomes a soap-opera, but secretly very entertaining. Very stereotypical, but enjoyable to watch anyway. Pretty Little Liars too is a show with a lot of drama and extremely addictive. Who is A. and why is this all happening? More answers only lead to more questions. Maybe not a show with the most edifying topics, but still a great guilty pleasure.

And from the world of glamour we go on to a completely different world: the one of the unworldly nerds of Scorpion. A procedural with great action scenes and nerds. Good-looking nerds, I should mention. Just shut off your brain and watch. It's not very plausible and in some circles it's not really acceptable to watch procedurals, but that makes it a perfect guilty pleasure.

Grey's Anatomy is next on the list; the medical soap which started its thirteenth season already in 2016. A hospital filled with awfully good-looking doctors of whom they kill one off once in a while, just to keep it interesting. That is why on myseries this show has an 8.5. But I still have some friends who rather not admit they secretly like this series.

The second to last is The Librarians: despite the awful dialogues, action scenes and cliché story lines, it's still a joy to watch. For me this show is the ultimate definition of the guilty pleasure, so this one is also on the list of the best guilty pleasures.

And last but not least: Fuller House. The Netflix sequel of the popular sitcom Full House has been received with mixed feelings, but that didn't spoil the fun and a second season is already here.
Fans of the original Full House enjoy its nostalgia, but also younger viewers can appreciate the series.

So these were the series I have nominated for best guilty pleasure of 2016. In case you absolutely do not agree, which I can understand, you can make use of the wild card. And don't forget to leave your comments below and let me know which series you will vote for or if you will use your wild card. I can't wait to read your comments!

So now the choice is yours: which is the best guilty pleasure of 2016? The nominees are:

The Vampire Diaries
Grey’s Anatomy
The Librarians
The Flash
Teen Wolf
Fuller House
Pretty Little Liars

From Thursday, 5 January until Saturday, 4 February you can vote for your favourite. Which one is yours and why?
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