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Awards: The Best Crime Series of 2016

This column is intended to give some extra information regarding the nomination of the best crime series of 2016. From Thursday, 5 January until Saturday, 4 February you can vote for your favourite series in this category.

Crime series were the first series I started with; secretly watching with my mum, even though I was a bit too young. That is why I still have a weak spot for them and so I couldn't resist nominating a number of series from my favourite genre for this category.

Fortunately, 2016 was also filled with crime series. But which one was the best? I did my best to compile a list as complete as possible, but unfortunately I could only nominate a limited number of series. Furthermore, a lot of big names were missing from 2016. For instance, just a Christmas special of Sherlock and there were no new episodes of Homeland, Broadchurch and Fargo at all.

Fortunately, enough great series remained to be nominated. So here they are, the nominees for the best crime series of 2016:

Let's start with a number of series of which the final episodes were broadcast in 2016. Castle, for example, ended after eight seasons. It was probably time, as the show was criticised for going on too long, but most fans will miss the show all the same. Personally, I will miss Castle and Beckett and their humour. It is one of the more well known series and so it's on the list.

Person of Interest is also nominated for the best crime series of 2016 and its last episode was also last year. With five seasons and a great conclusion instead of an abrupt cancellation, this is a great crime show with a lot of action and fight scenes. The duo Reese and Finch I will miss as well.
Banshee also had its last episode in 2016. After four seasons the story was at an end and the series was cancelled. But it was so good! Unfortunately we have to leave the town of Banshee, or we can watch it all over again ;).

Fortunately, besides all these cancelled series, there are also a number of new ones. For instance, The HBO mini series The Night of. John Turturro tells a remarkable story in eight episodes which you want to watch all at once. No wonder this show has also been nominated for several other awards, like the Golden Globe. HBO has shown again that they are pretty good at making series.

American Crime Story was also new last year. The people v. O.J. Simpson from FX shows a phenomenal story about a media circus and racial conflicts. This show has been nominated for numerous awards as well, and as far as I'm concerned, completely deserved. So a nomination for the best crime series of 2016 seems justified.

Besides several cancelled and new series, there are a number of shows which have been successful for several years. So, The Blacklist must be included in this list. James Spader is once again amazing as Reddington and the writers are able to keep the story thrilling by raising more questions than you can count on one hand.

How to Get Away with Murder is also going strong. The combination of drama and murder is popular with the viewers. Furthermore, Viola Davis raises this show to a tremendous level. The third season is now on hiatus, but it appears the show will continue for quite some time.

From murder to drugs: Narcos' second season was broadcast on Netflix in 2016 and is still highly rated both among the general public and the critics. Even though Netflix is being sued once in a while by some family member, it doesn't spoil the fun.

The previously mentioned shows may have several seasons, but it is nothing compared to the number of seasons of the hit shows from CBS: NCIS and Criminal Minds. In 2016 they started their fourteenth and twelfth season respectively. Both procedurals have quite a run, but are still going strong, despite some changes in the cast. Michael Weatherly (Anthony DiNozzo in the show) left NCIS and Shemar Moore (Derek Morgan) and Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner) left Criminal Minds. But the shows are still great fun to watch and have cast new actors, and one former actor to help both shows back on their feet. Hopefully they will succeed, so the fans can enjoy their favourite procedurals.

Now the choice is yours: which is the best crime series of 2016? Here are the nominees again:

American Crime Story
Person of Interest
The Blacklist
Criminal Minds
The Night Of
How to Get Away with Murder

From Thursday, 5 January until Saturday, 4 February you can vote for your favourite crime series. Which one is yours and why?
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