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Series of the year 2018 - Best mini/anthology series

This column supports the Series of the Year election 2018 and discusses the category Best mini/anthology series. Between Monday January 7th and Monday February 4th you can vote for your favourite series in this genre and others.

Are you a little tired of watching series? This could well be the case. The number of television series is still growing and when you start something, you have no idea yet how many seasons are to come. And after about four seasons it becomes drawn-out and you don't know if you should continue. And what are you going to do then? Maybe watch a miniseries. Just a few episodes and it's done. No second season. Or there will be a second season, but it takes a completely different approach, with completely new characters and a storyline that has no connections with season one. The past year a lot of good miniseries and anthology series have been broadcast. But which one did you think was the best? We nominated ten shows for you, but of course you can use a wild card.

Our nominees are:

American Crime Story

Is Ryan Murphy the king of anthology shows? He surely is. Two series from his pen are on our nominee list. First American Crime Story. After a phenomenal first season, in which the creators dove into the trial against OJ Simpson, the show returns and sheds a light on the assassination of fashion designer Gianni Versace. Especially Darren Criss's acting as the killer reached high levels. A next season about the hurricane Katrina has been announced.
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American Horror Story

For years American Horror Story has been reigning on the FX channel. Every season a completely new story with completely new characters. That the seasons were connected was already known. But the eighth season, titled Apocalypse, is a complete crossover between the first and third seasons. Apocalypse is everything you can expect from American Horror Story, and that's completely fine.
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Black Earth Rising

Television can go beyond entertainment. Black Earth Rising proves this. This thriller highlights the aftermath of one of the worst genocides in African history. It is horrible that almost a million people lost their lives in brutal ways. But who can be held responsible for this? And how do you put someone on trial? Black Earth Rising answers these questions and combines it with fantastic actors


About once every fifteen years the BBC broadcasts a political miniseries that will blow everyone away. This was Edge of Darkness in the eighties, this was State of Play at the start of the millennium. And in this era it's Collateral. Someone commits a politically motivated murder and every political issue the UK is facing comes by. Collateral is suspenseful, well-acted and very topical.

The Cry

Losing a child is one of the worst things that could happen to a parent. It happens to the young parents Alistair and Joanna in the Cry and this led to a gripping miniseries. It exposes almost every aspect of such a horrible event. From a very personal level to the political debate about these matters. In only four episodes The Cry manages to tell a lot.


Last year National Geographic broadcast a surprising series: Genius, about the life of Albert Einstein. Genius was successful enough for a sequel, but how would they deal with this? By showing the life of another genius. The focus of season two was the life of painter Pablo Picasso (very well played by Antonio Banderas). A third season about writer Mary Shelley has been announced, and if it's up to the editors of Myseries, National Geographic can tell about the lives of a lot more geniuses.

The Looming Tower

9/11 will be remembered by many. The world entered a new era with this horrible event. It was an uncertain time and the threat of terrorist acts was always present. The Looming Tower tells about the period leading up to the event. How intelligence services tried to prevent the attack, but also the lives the victims had before. A beautiful ensemble of actors and a topic that is still current after more than fifteen years made The Looming Tower a deserved nomination.


Dexter is back! Well, Michael C. Hall is back. In this miniseries he plays a widower whose teenage daughter disappears after a party. What follows is an exciting search for the truth full of unexpected twists and the proof that Michael C. Hall is not only a good actor when he plays Dexter.

Sharp Objects

What happens when you cross the HBO series Big Little Lies and True Detective? The HBO series Sharp Objects. The story about a journalist who returns to her birth town to investigate the murders of two young girls is more than a murder mystery. It's a character study that show what traumas can do with a person and what deeds traumatized persons are capable of. Add a beautiful execution and strong lead roles and you get this treasure.

The Terror

In the nineteenth century a polar expedition took place. The ship was stranded and the crew had to fend for themselves. During the barren journey the men discovered what real fear was like. And the creators managed to translate that fear to the screen very well. A second season that will tell a completely new story has already been announced.
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