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Series of the year 2018 - Most disappointing series

This column supports the Series of the Year election 2018 and discusses the category 'Most disappointing series'. Between Monday January 7th and Monday February 4th you can vote for your favourite series in this genre and others.

This is one of the most interesting nominations for this election, without a doubt. Especially if you keep in mind that some of these shows could also be among the best series. Many good shows eventually decrease in quality, such as The Walking Dead, but still retain a lot of viewers. During previous years TWD could also be found on this list, yet somehow it still exists and there are still people watching. If it truly were that bad, then that wouldn't be possible? Would it? I wouldn't be surprised if we were to find the walking dead on this list once more, but the majority of this list will be filled with shows that are doing even worse.

The X-Files has been milked dry and the brand new MacGyver (2016) shouldn't even be mentioned in the same sentence as the older one. The new setting of Once Upon a Time resulted in a seventh and unnecessary season and the Grey's Anatomy spin-off Station 19 is bland and nothing new. That we'll find HBO shows Succession and Barry on this list isn't a surprise either. Some of the better shows just aren't meant for everyone and do not appeal to the average viewer. We'll also find 13 Reasons Why, but that is mainly due to the topic of the series. Finally, we'll also find two Dutch shows on this list, Zuidas and Exportbaby, two shows that didn't live up to the high expectations. A missed opportunity would be the right description.

13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons as to why a person kills herself. That's the main storyline for this controversial series. It caused quite a stir. Is it a good idea to make a show that revolves around such a theme? Commercially it was a success and that resulted in a second season. Why would they do that? I don't want 26 reasons as to why I should commit suicide.
Here you can find the reviews that have been written for 13 Reasons Why.


Barry is an assassin who starts to have qualms of conscience. This tragic drama has quite a few comical elements and is obviously aimed towards a viewer who would like a bit more depth in the storylines. However, there aren't a lot of those viewers around, resulting in a lack of viewers.
Here you can find the reviews that have been written for Barry.


A subject that could be amazing for a miniseries, but poorly executed. Exportbaby is based on a true story, but the actors aren't able to convey the haunting event. It almost feels as if they're not even part of the story and if you're just watching robots talk. This show had a lot more potential!
Here you can find the reviews that have been written for Exportbaby.

MacGyver (2016)

A remake of an old show may be a revelation for the younger audience but for the older crowd this show is only a shadow of its predecessor. The modern tools of this new MacGyver are nothing like the old basic materials used in the previous show.
Here you can find the reviews that have been written for MacGyver (2016).

Once Upon a Time

One of the hit series during the previous years, which had a seventh season even after several main actors made it known that they weren't hoping for another season, ended beautifully. The creators, however, had other plans and drastically changed the setting of the show. The remaining characters were placed in a modern city and the magic of the previous six seasons disappeared. No eighth season, but I would rather have been told a year ago that there wouldn't be a seventh either.
Here you can find the reviews that have been written for Once Upon a Time.

Station 19

Even though Grey's Anatomy has lasted for over 15 seasons, that doesn't mean the spin-offs will follow that same route. It started off promising, but eventually turned into a dull story about a fire station. The things that make Grey's Anatomy interesting certainly don't work for this show.
Here you can find the reviews that have been written for Station 19.


A story about a rich family where the father ends up having a stroke and the children want to take over the business. It couldn't be any more clich├ęd, yet storytellers keep on using this formula. Great writing could lift this storyline to great heights, but eventually all that intelligent talking ends up being bland and boring.
Here you can find the reviews that have been written for Station 19.

The Walking Dead

The epic about the walking dead has now concluded its first part of season nine. Season eight had a certain build-up and that may have caused some controversy, but it did result in a final culmination between Rick and Negan. In the ninth season Rick (maybe temporarily) leaves the story and after that the excitement returns. Whether or not this is actually a good thing or a disappointment is not up for me to decide.
Here you can find the reviews that have been written for The Walking Dead.

The X Files

One would think that bringing back one of the greatest shows from the nineties would be a success. Unfortunately it was already clear in the tenth season that the chemistry between Mulder and Scully was no longer there. The eleventh season wasn't able to bring any change to that and because of that it may just be better to bury the show.
Here you can find the reviews that have been written for The X Files.


A Dutch legal drama series, which doesn't seem to bring anything to the table at any point. The actors aren't able to convince. The story isn't that great either and the conversations aren't worth mentioning. Zuidas could've been written in between meals. Hopefully not even a single person will think about giving this abomination a second season.
Here you can find the reviews that have been written for Zuidas.
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