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Series of theYear 2019 - Best Ended Series

This column supports the Series of the Year Eelection 2019 and deals with the category Best Ended series. You can vote for your favourite series in this and many other genres between monday January 6th and Monday February 3rd.

For the fourth year in a row, I am part of the team that nominates series and writes columns for the Series of the Year Election. And every year, I have taken care of this category. The fun thing is, you get different series every year, contrary to other categories which have kind of the same catalogue each year. But it’s a nice farewell for series too. Lots of series scored high in other categories for years.

And then they’re over and I get to treat them. Then it becomes clear what their legacy is. Have they ended in a neat way? Did they leave an impression? Will people still talk about them in ten years? 2019 was a special year, which also meant the end for a number of iconic television series. And you get to choose which one was the best.

We nominated these ten shows for you:

The Big Bang Theory

For years the Big Bang Theory reigned over the category Best Comedy Series. Year after year the members of MySeries put the show about the daily lives of a group of nerds on the first place. After twelve seasons the people at CBS thought it was enough and the show ended. Luckily, fans could still enjoy the adventures of main character Sheldon in the spinoff series Young Sheldon. Will the Big Bang Theory be able to shine in this category for one more time? The competition is tough.
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Counterpart was a show that managed to combine political intrigue and rock hard science fiction. A government worker got in touch with a parallel world through a portal. And here he met his counterpart from this world. With fantastic double roles this was an extremely fascinating series. Unfortunately Starz decided to close the portal between the parallel worlds definitely. Did they make the right call or should the gate be left open just a crack. You can vote for it.
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The CW is a network aimed at teenagers. A large part of the broadcasting schedule consists of the Arrowverse series. Riverdale, The Vampire Diaries and the accompanying spinoffs are regulars. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was the odd (wo)man out. The story about the young woman Rebecca who tries to win back her ex-boyfriend is rock solid satire disguised as a childish musical dramedy. Especially during the later seasons, the show gets extremely dark about mental health. After four seasons the hunt for the handsome ex-boyfriend was over. And did Rebecca deserve a happy ending? That’s up to you.


There should not have been a second season. That was nobody’s plan. Not the writer’s, not the BBC’s. But it came. And we should be grateful for that to creator, writer and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The second season is sharper than ever, with delightful dialogues, absurd observations, hard jokes and of course a lot of misery. It resulted in multiple Emmys for Waller Bridge this year. But is the Emmy winner for best comedy series able to face off against the winner for best drama series? We shall see.

Game of Thrones

Over the past few years it was hardly a surprise. Game of Thrones was nominated for Best Series and won. It was a television phenomenon with no equals. Still, Game of Thrones ended this year. Opinions about the final season were divided, but the fact that they won the Emmy for best drama series, says something about its status. But did it deserve that legendary status, despite a disappointing final season? It's your call.
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Jessica Jones

Arrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. opened the gates for superheroes on television years ago. Netflix and Marvel raised the bar a lot in 2015 with Daredevil and Jessica Jones. These heroes were dark, were in a morally grey area, dealt with traumas and they told us something about society. Because of Disney+ the deal between Netflix and Marvel was over and this meant the end of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and The Punisher. In her third season Jessica Jones had the job to end her own series properly, but she also had to form a closing chapter for her fellow heroes. Did she manage to do that? The choice is yours.
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Orange Is the New Black

In 2013 only three Netflix Originals existed: Hemlock Grove, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Bad reviews and starring actors who fell from grace proved fatal for the first two series. But the comedy-drama about a women’s prison stood solid for years. With a diverse and talented cast, heart-warming and heart wrenching events and fierce accusations against the American justice system, the show was top-notch. After seven seasons the story was over and Netflix lost its last original from 2013. Will the voters grant some grace to Orange is the New Black? Who knows?
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Delightful, isn’t it? Swooning at handsome couples from British history? Outlander fans could also be satisfied with Poldark, which took place in eighteenth-century Cornwall. Poldark was based on Winston Graham’s novel series. The BBC previously tried to adapt the story back in 1975. In 2015 a new series released. In five seasons the modern-day Poldark series combined beautiful images of the English landscape, intriguing politics and sweet romance; a delightful show to enjoy. Don’t you think?

Santa Clarita Diet

The Walking Dead’s popularity the past few years meant a plentitude of new zombie series. Santa Clarita Diet may be the most bizarre series from this list. In this horror comedy the Hammond family tries to hide the fact that mother Sheila has turned into a zombie and has a craving for human flesh from their nosy neighbours. A combination of lurid humour, starring roles from Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant and a bizarre atmosphere made this a delightful series. Unfortunately Netflix decided it was enough after three seasons. The opinions about a possible fourth season are mixed. What did you think?

You're the Worst

When You’re the Worst debuted on FXX in 2014 this was the beginning of a trend. Comedy series about miserable and clueless people in their twenties and thirties turned up everywhere. Think of Fleabag, Master of None, Love, you name it. Jimmy and Gretchen were also insufferable, but they made you laugh and you felt sympathy for them. After five seasons their hilarious and cringy misadventures are over. Did Jimmy and Gretchen manage to build an iconic status in five years? You get to decide!

You can always use a wildcard if you don't agree with these nominations.
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