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Series of the year 2019 - Best binge-watch series

This column supports the Series of the Year 2019 election and covers the category binge-watch series. Between Monday January 6th and Monday February 3rd you can vote on your favorite series in this genre, and many more.

We're nearing the end of the year once again. Time to nominate the best series of 2019. We will also do this for the bingewatching category. Bingewatching is something every viewer does every once in a while. So what is a true binge-watch series? This differs per person, as some enjoy some series more than others.

There were loads of great series in 2019 and that definitely makes it more difficult for us to compile a top 10. In the end we did manage to create a list filled with great series. The nominated series were chosen by members of MySeries and the writing team. Good luck voting!

These are the nominations for binge-watch series of the year 2019:

La Casa de Papel

La Casa de Papel is a Spanish crime series, which has been created by Álex Pina. The first episode was released on the Spanish network Antena 3 on the 2nd of May in 2017. A mysterious man who calls himself 'the professor', groups up with eight other specialists to organise the biggest heist in Spanish history. Together they want to infiltrate the Royal Mint of Spain to print their own money. The goal is to leave the building with approximately 2.4 billion dollars in their bags. To achieve this, they need to have access to the printing machines for eleven days. A sophisticated plan is required to deceive the special units of the Spanish police.


Chernobyl is an American-British miniseries and was created by HBO and Sky Atlantic. The series consists of five parts and was created by Craig Mazin and directed by Johan Renck. It's based on the real Chernobyl disaster of 1986. The main characters are portrayed by Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgård and Emily Watson. The entire series revolves around the nuclear disaster at the Chernobyl power plant, which happened on the 26th of April in 1986. This happened in Ukraine, which at the time was still part of the Soviet Union. It is shown how the disaster came to be, what the consequences were and how several people heroically sacrificed themselves in order to minimize the possible impact.

Cobra Kai

Cobra Kai is an American action/comedy/drama Youtube Premium series. It is released in an episodic story format, and it's based on the Karate Kid film series. It was made by Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg and Josh Herald. It stars William Zabka and Ralph Maccio, who reprise their roles from the original movies.


Elite is a Spanish television series and it was produced by Netflix. The show revoles around students in an elitist middle school. In Elite we follow three working class children who join one of the most exclusive schools of Spain. They were forced to do so, as their original school was destroyed by an earthquake. This leads to a confrontation between the poor and rich students. Obviously, it mainly takes place in the exclusive school; Las Encinas. The school is startled once a student is found dead in the swimming pool, and appears to be murdered.

The Handmaid's Tale

The Handmaid's Tale is an American drama series. The show, which is based on the novel of the same name by author, Margaret Atwood, was developed by Bruce Miller. The Handmaid's Tale describes life in the republic Gilead, which was previously known as the United States of America. Under the rule of religious fundamentalists, the republic is obsessed with reproduction. Due to large scale environmental pollution most women have become infertile. Women who are still fertile, are taken by the rulers as sex slaves. They have to produce babies for their masters. Anyone who births a child has to give it to a wife of the masters. The women are handmaidens. The Handmaid's Tale follows Offred (formerly known as June), who has lost her husband and daughter and now tries to fight for her rights. She is also searching for her daughter.


Lucifer is an American comical fantasy-police show developed by Tom Kapinos. The first episode premiered on the 25th of January in 2016. The dissatified ruler of hell, Lucifer, renounces his title and leaves his kingdom for the city of Los Angeles. He quickly finds the excitement he was looking for by helping the local police with catching dangerous criminals.

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Pose is an American series, made by the FX network. The series premiered on the 3rd of June in 2018. Pose takes place in New York in the eighties. It revolves around lifes in various social classes, the start of the luxurious Trump empire, the literary world and the underground gay scene.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an American science fiction series with horror elements. It was created by the Duffer brothers. It first premiered on Netflix on the 15th of July in 2016. After a boy has disappeared, a mystery is revealed in a small town that has to do with secret experiments, terrifying supernatural powers, and a strange girl.

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This Is Us

This is Us is an American drama series, which was created by Dan Fogelman. The series premiered on NBC on the 20th of September in 2016. The series revolves around the young couple Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) Pearson, who are expecting triplets in 1980. One of the children dies during childbirth, which is why Jack and Rebecca decide to adopt a black boy, who is brought into the hospital as a foundling. In the present day the series follows the three children Kevin (Justin Hartley), Kate (Chrissy Metz) and Randall (Sterling K. Brown).

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

Clancy's Jack Ryan, or simply Jack Ryan, is an American political thriller, based on characters from the fictive 'Ryanverse', which has been created by Tom Clancy. It premiered on Amazon Prime Video on the 31st of August 2018. The series has been created by Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland.

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