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Series of the year 2019 - Most disappointing series

This column supports the Series of the Year 2019 election and covers the category most disappointing series. Between Monday January 6th and Monday February 3rd you can vote on your favourite series in this genre, and many more.

Every year there are some shows that you just can't wait to see. Every year a couple of those will leave you with the thought 'was that it?'. The strange thing is that there are always series in this series of nominees that are extremely popular and win a lot of prizes. Even now, the vast majority of nominees consist of series that will also appear in other "best of" categories and will also score well there.

We almost dare to predict that one of the nominees is even a candidate to win this category with superior force, in addition to winning the title of best series of 2019. Also remarkable are the two Dutch-language series that were nominated. Their first season caused a hype in their own country, which led to a great demand for a sequel. Both of them proved that the continuation couldn't match that first season. Don't agree with our ten nominees? No problem, you can still use your Wildcard and nominate another series.

13 Reasons Why

The first season of this series was good for a nomination, so it made sense that season two would end up here as well. Last year I noticed that another 13 reasons to put an end to it would be too much of a good thing. So I have no problem with this series being here.
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The 100

The 100 is a popular series and therefore always food for critics. Because tell yourself, who is not disappointed if a series goes in a different direction than you had expected.
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A spin off series from The Missing. A great character that was introduced in the second season of The Missing is turned into a series. The character is still great, but when the story feels like there is nothing that binds it all together, you end up in a list such as this one.


What goes for De Luizenmoeder also goes for Callboys. A hype throughout Flanders, so we ended up with a second season. But here too it turns out to be a disappointment. This second season in itself holds its own, but compared to the debut season, this sequel is simply unnecessary.

Deadly Class

A training school for hit men, the idea is quite interesting and the first couple of episodes were that. Along the way the plot became a bit too convoluted and the originality turned into repetition. A missed opportunity that could've become a lot more.

Fear The Walking Dead

For years this derivative of The Walking Dead has been compared to its big brother even though a completely different story has been told. The only link is the world in which Fear The Walking Dead takes place. It is exactly the same. And yes, in the end it revolves - just like TWD - around survival.
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Game of Thrones

Everyone of the writing crew agrees about the big favourite for this category. The question is, however, why the best series of the past eight years would deserve such a title. That one very dark episode with a big battle could be the reason. But the end of the series didn't please everyone either. Those who read the books should be able to understand why it ended the way it ended. The question is if the books will end in the same way the show has ended. George RR Martin still has to write the last two parts of the book series, so he can still change the ending.
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De Luizenmoeder

The Dutch hype of 2018. It was only a matter of time before the second season was released. Whilst watching the Flemish remake of the series it became obvious that the first season of De Luizenmoeder was one of a kind. Season two turned out to be a necessary continuation, claimed by success, where the jokes and the characters almost got in each other's way. In the Netherlands they are smart enough to pull the plug, while in Flanders they are already thinking of a third season. They probably also want to earn a nomination in this category there. Only I don't think they will have to wait that long, because the second season will be next in 2020.

The Name of the Rose

Umberto Eco is and remains the only true supplier of the best version of The Name of the Rose. The film adaptation in the eighties might attract a lot of viewers, but the quality of the book was just so much better. Then you might think that with the amount of time someone can spend on a series and with a good cast, it is a great combination to create a decent series. The makers can still be happy that they could snare a few celebrities for this monster, because otherwise we wouldn't have had to mention the other nine nominees.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been a recurring nominee over the past few years. Everyone is always looking forward to the new season, but every time it turns out to be a disappointment for many. It is a series with ups and downs. This show has great moments. For some reason even the worse moments of this series results in viewers wanting more.
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