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Series of the year 2019 - Best Dutch language series

This column supports the Series of the Year 2019 election and covers the category Dutch language series. Between Monday, January 6th and Monday, February 3rd you can vote on your favorite series in this genre, and many more.

It was another busy year for Dutch and Flemish television. A lot of series were locally created. Some shows even collaborated. Despite a lot of options, it was actually quite difficult to compile a list. A couple of shows were really great, but most of them were mediocre at best, which actually made it fairly difficult to decide on which series should be part of this list.

Luckily both the Netherlands and Belgium ended with a great series, which meant that we could have at least some form of excitement in deciding who will win this category. As per usual, we have decided to equally divide the amount of Flemish and Dutch series. Don't agree with our selections? Not a problem, you can always decide to use your wildcard instead.

Flikken Rotterdam

After a mediocre first season, Flikken Rotterdam has grown over the years. It has become a show, which improves with every season and has even surpassed its companion series, Flikken Maastricht.

Het geheime dagboek van Hendrik Groen

There were a lot of discussions surrounding certain events from this series on Twitter. It isn't unsurprising that this series had high ratings. Many people have praised the actors of the main characters, André van Duijn and Kees Verhuist. It is understandable why this series has been nominated for the top 10.


Philippe Geubels has become one of the most famous comedians of the Netherlands. He is immensly popular in Flanders and in the Netherlands. It would only be a matter of time before he would take part in a sitcom. Everything this man touches, turns into gold. The humour of Geub is a perfect example of Geubels' humour in his other shows and television programs. Humour at its best.


The second series where Flemish and Dutch cast cooperate. It results in a story of illegals, prostitution, drugs and other criminal activities. The show takes place in the border area between West and Dutch Flanders. For those who find it difficult to understand the local dialect, subtitles are a necessity. Quite an ordinary story, which is presented in such a way that it becomes interesting.


Judas is based on a true story, with a known criminal at its center. Willem Holleeder. He certainly was no petty thief and thanks to the book of his sister, Astrid, the writers of this series had an idea of how to turn his story into a series. As far as Dutch series are concerned, this is definitely a great show.


One of the big surprises of the end of the year is definitely Keizersvrouwen. The story revolves around an older woman, who ends up in her old life, unwillingly. As the boss of an escort agency she is confronted by her mother, who runs a criminal empire. The story is explained well and actress Karina Smulders manages to hold her own when confronted with more veteran actors, Hilde van Mieghem and Barbara Sarafian.

Over Water

A washed up popular television personality ends up in a company in a harbour, which is run by his father in law. When the father in law dies, he takes over the business. The company, however, is nearing bankruptcy and to make sure it survives, he starts to deal with some shady people. These people want to smuggle some illegal materials into the country through his company. Not an easy series, you definitely have to pay attention otherwise you have no idea what's going on.

Studio Tarara

VTM celebrated its 30 year existence with the fictional series Studio Tarara. The big question in this series is, who is the person who jumped - or was pushed - from that roof. In an intriguing manner the weeks and eventually days before the event are shown. Definitely not a show to watch in between meals.

De Twaalf

The ending of the year is great when it comes to Dutch fiction. Next to Keizersvrouwen, this Flemish court of justice series causes viewers to be on the edge of their seat week after week. Everyone wants to know if Frie is going to be found guilty of the murder of her daughter and best friend. Despite the fact that there are a lot of characters, each and everyone of them has a lot of depth and story to make sure that the viewer also gets to enjoy their private lives outside of the courtroom. My personal favourite.


An undercover operation by Dutch and Belgian police to trap a drug criminal in a holiday resort in Limburg. Based on a true story. The show was picked up by Netflix and was thus the first Dutch Netflix original. Undercover is one of the better Dutch action series of the previous years.
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