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New MySeries website: Discover dark mode

New MySeries website: Discover dark mode

The first pages of the new website are online
You may have already noticed: in recent days the 'news/news items' page could already be viewed on the new website. Today all pages under the heading 'News' have officially gone online.

Dark mode
A notable feature is the dark mode. If you have set your laptop, tablet, or phone to dark mode, the new website will automatically display in matching dark colors, similar to those of the app. This ensures a seamless and consistent experience. Would you rather see the light version of the website? No problem, just adjust your device settings as the website automatically takes your preferences into account.

New website
The renewal of the news pages is only the beginning; eventually the entire website will be migrated to the new platform. Given the large number of pages on MySeries, this will take some time. Fortunately, it is possible to transfer page by page. As happened before with the news page, and now with the 'News' section. As a user, you will hardly notice that you are switching between the old and new website unless you use dark mode. This is exclusively available on the new website.

The estimated time for the full transition is approximately one year, but rest assured, we are working hard on it. I will do my utmost to migrate the most used pages as quickly as possible. If you have any tips or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us via comments below this news item, the contact form or a personal message. Together we make MySeries even better!
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