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Corona crisis; which series to watch? Top 5 apocalyptic series

It has become a well-known image, empty supermarket shelves, empty squares and shopping malls. People work from home or not at all. How can you spend that time? We have made a top 5 displaying series you could watch in these peculiar times.

The end is near (or has already passed).... at least, for the series that we've selected for you here. If you're looking for a series that revolves around viruses, atomic bombs, zombies or even our stupidity, this is the place to look.

5. Zoo

Have you ever wondered what would happen if mother nature were to turn against us? If that is the case, then Zoo is the right series for you. This CBS drama revolves around Jackson Oz (James Wolk) and his rag-tag-band while they try to understand the recent violent animal attacks that occur all around the world. A true threat to humanity and something that could result in human extinction. A mysterious pandemic affects all the animals in the entire world and somehow urges them to perform coordinated attacks on humanity. Jackson and his team are looking for a cure. The series has three seasons and each season consists of 13 episodes.

4. The Rain

It rains.... it rains, everything is getting wet. But in this case, it rains.... it rains, and everybody dies. What if the rain is your enemy? In this Danish science fiction series, you find out. It appears that the virus is in the rain. If you get wet, you die. In Denmark, at least, as that is where this exciting series takes place. There are survivors. The Rain revolves around one particular group of survivors. A brother and sister join this group, and they try to find a better world where they can begin anew. Two seasons have already released on Netflix, and a final third has been announced.

3. The Walking Dead

The AMC series that revolves around a zombie apocalypse. The series was met with critical praise in 2010, but its ratings decrease every single week. The popularity of The Walking Dead is waning, but not before a spin-off was released with Fear The Walking Dead. Another spin-off is on the horizon: The Walking Dead: World Beyond. So plenty of apocalypse drama that should keep you busy for a while. The Walking Dead has nine completed seasons and is currently airing the tenth. An eleventh season has already been announced.

2. The 100

This CW series started in March 2014. This post-apocalyptic science fiction series takes place 97 years after a nuclear war. In The 100, 100 young rascals are sent back to earth to see whether or not it is habitable once more. Soon the youthful explorers find out that they're not alone and that they have to survive in a new and strange world. Six seasons have released so far and the seventh season is scheduled to start in May.

1. The Last Ship

The Last Ship is the ultimate series to watch if you want to know what could happen if a virus could have its way in the world. It takes a badass crew and brilliant doctor to produce and disperse a vaccine. The heroes in this ultimate apocalypse are tough, sympathetic, and the saviours of humanity. The TNT series has five seasons and 56 episodes in total. It aired from 2014 till 2018. At the moment, the series can be seen on Hulu.

If you want more of this particular genre, here's more series you can watch; Daybreak (Netflix), Salvation (CBS), Containment (The CW), The Strain (FX), 12 Monkeys (Netflix), Kingdom (2019) (Netflix), The Stand (ABC), Z Nation (Netflix) and The Hot Zone (National Geographic). Soon there will be more top-five lists for you to fill your time.

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