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Corona crisis; which series to watch? Top 5 crime and detective series

It has become a well-known image, empty supermarket shelves, empty squares and shopping malls. People work from home or not at all. How can you spend that time? We have made a top 5 displaying series you could watch in these peculiar times.

As watching television is quite passive, this list will provide you with the right series to make sure your grey matter has to do some work. Right, your brains. And is there an even better way to do that than by watching crime and detective series? Guessing who did what and how the perpetrator will be caught. The following five series have a great script, fantastic actors and plenty of episodes to keep you busy. Enjoy watching!

5. True Detective

Very exciting and original American series that revolves around police investigations. Each of these investigations takes one full season. Every season features a new set of detectives. Fans often agree that the first season was one of the best, but I consider the second season to be the bomb. Go, watch and form your own opinion.

4. The Bridge (2011) – Bron|Broen

In the middle of a bridge between Sweden and Denmark, a body is found. Police from both countries have to join forces to find the one who committed the crime. The unstirred agent from Denmark has to get used to the peculiar behaviour from the Swedish agent. Her unique way of working and her tough attitude can make her difficult to work with, but it causes funny situations now and then. The results aren't affected at all. Exciting series with the occasional 'awkward' situation. Saga Norén isn't someone you're likely to forget soon.

3. Fargo

After the Coen brothers movie released, this series followed. The story of the first season is pretty much the same as the story from the movie. The seasons after that had a new cast and new storylines. Humour and excitement are, however, recurring things. Original, different and sometimes nice and gruesome, Fargo is something you should watch. The fourth season was set to release in April, but this has been delayed. You've got plenty of time to watch the first three seasons.

2. Justified

A US Marshall is promoted away from Florida after he shot a criminal. His new position will be in Kentucky. Between old friends and family, most of them criminals by profession, his loyalty is often questioned. His pistol and sharp wit are a daily necessity to survive. The criminal friends of the original victim drop by to get some payback. The Kentucky-bourbon-vibe is visibly part of the show, especially due to the thick accents of the often colourful figures. Definite binge-watching material!

1. Breaking Bad

A terminally ill science teacher is desperately looking for a way to make sure his family becomes financially independent after he dies. An ex-student is, at first reluctantly, willing to show him some aspects of the drugs trade. It doesn't take long for them to become successful, but their personalities are too different for it to be without its troubles. And then they also have to deal with the competition. The world of organised crime entangles them more and more. How long can they manage to keep themselves alive?

Are five series even enough? Of course, there is always the chance that you've already seen one or more of them. If that's not the case, then you should be able to keep at it for a while. And if you have, then they're good enough to rewatch. The couch is so very comfy anyways. I do have some backup series for you. Both of them are reasonably slow but exciting. I'm talking about two police dramas from Wales. Definitely worth the time of someone who loves the genre, realism and fantastic acting. Soon there will be more top-fives to help you pass the time.

Hinterland (Y Gwyll)
Hidden (2018) (Craith).
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