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Corona crisis; which series to watch? Top 5 best series with serial killers

Many great, fun and interesting top-five lists have been released to fill the time we would usually fill with going out and visiting relatives. Enjoy watching!

There are quite a few series that revolve around serial killers, just think about all the whodunits. But a serial killer is usually a different breed of killer. They don't seem to do it because of some kind of urge. They seem to do it because they have to. There are many famous serial killers all around the world, just think about Jack the Ripper, Ed Kemper, Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer. Some of their stories were turned into series, but there are also series about fictional serial killers. I've tried to create a list consisting of the best five series in this genre.

5. Criminal Minds

The series that ended this year brought plenty of serial killer stories over several years. The BAU team tried to track these dangerous people down through behavioural analysis. It premiered in 2005 at CBS and ran for fifteen seasons.

4. The Fall

Here we see that a serial killer could live a normal life, next to the killing of course. It is creepy to see how this extremely dangerous serial killer uses his children to show the world he is completely normal. Paul Spector (Jamie Dornan, Once Upon a Time) is the name of this serial killer. He has to be stopped by Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson, The X-Files). The series has three seasons consisting of seventeen episodes in total, and through it, we see a dangerous cat and mouse game between the two main characters.

3. Mindhunter

Two seasons have released on Netflix, so far. The series tells the tale of a new investigative method for tracking down serial killers. The show features various serial killers, including Ted Bundy, Dennis Rader, Edmund Kemper, James Earl Ray and Charles Manson (who, allegedly, killed nobody, but ordered a lot of killings from his cult). And even though not a speck of blood is seen, the series manages to keep you on the edge of your seat. The number five in this list is partially based on the main character from this series.

2. Dexter

Sometimes I still miss Dexter. Especially if I stumble across music that was part of the series. Dexter Morgan was a serial killer you could love. He was a killer of killers. He was a killer who hid in plain sight and that made him incredibly dangerous. And next to that, he truly believed he was doing good things. The series reached its end in 2013.

1. Hannibal

Hannibal is the sickest mind on this list. The doctor is brilliant, charismatic and completely insane. He doesn't just kill, he also eats his victims in a gourmet dinner. Each time you see Hannibal eat something, or when he's preparing a dish in his kitchen, you can't help but wonder about what kind of meat he's having. The battle between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter is arts in its purest form. Each character has its own part to play and even the dialogues are of a very high quality. I think that Hannibal is one of the best serial killers series, ever.

There are more series that could be part of this list of crazy serial killers; Aquarius, Death Note, True Detective, The Alienist, Bates Motel, The Mentalist, Ripper Street, You and Ennemi Public. Soon there will be more top-five lists for you to fill your time.

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