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Corona crisis; which series to watch? Top 5 best (other) historical series

Corona crisis; which series to watch? Top 5 best (other) historical series

Many great, fun and interesting top-five lists have been released to fill the time we would usually fill with going out and visiting relatives. This great list has been made by Ron Schoonwater. Enjoy watching!
After the previously released list from Karin, I wanted to name a few more in this category. The other list was great, but I think these shouldn't be left out.

5. Mr Selfridge (2013 – 2016)

Wonderful costume drama that romanticises the creation of the department store Selfridges in London. As it should be, we don't just see the rich Selfridge family, but also get to see a fair amount of the lives of staff. Four seasons of enjoyment. A great follow-up would be the even sweeter, more romantic sister The Paradise (2012).

4. La meglio gioventu (2003)

The Italians can do more than releasing good mafia series. This intimate family drama touches the heart. It follows a family from the sixties till the early 2000s. The most important events in Italy are part of this series. An era is adapted into a series in a great way.

3. Deadwood (2004 – 2006 and film in 2019)

A western in the list of best historical series? Hell yes. Deadwood is a contemporary drama, which shows that everyone has a good and bad side. The biggest criminal of them all has a big heart. As a viewer, you can't help but feel compassion for the man. It is, sort of, based on historical characters and provides a raw look at the Wild West. Unfortunately, it only has three seasons. But they are of great quality. The film that was released last year provided a suitable ending.

2. Versailles (2015 – 2018)

Magnificence has probably never been so beautifully portrayed. What colours and what a lot of beautiful actors. Beforehand, it was not exactly that fact that convinced me. Once I gave the television series a chance, I was immediately addicted. The storylines are perfectly fine, and the intrigues bring excitement and spectacle every season. That the real king was not so handsome, but rather squat, shouldn't spoil the fun.

1. Rome (2005 – 2007)

This HBO television series is amazing. The first season is about the intrigues of the most powerful Romans at the time of Julius Caesar. His rise and fall is depicted with unprecedented skill. Rome brings this story not only from the perspective of the nobility but also from the perspective of two soldiers returning to Rome in the wake of Julius Caesar. Top-notch entertainment. The second season is about the aftermath after Julius Caesar's death and is just as good.

Furthermore, there are more great television series that just do not fit in the list, but that you must have seen as a lover of this genre. An absolute must is Taboo (2017). This is a series from the creators of Peaky Blinders. The latest version of the well-known story War and Peace (2016) is also excellent. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (2015) is a quirky historical drama with magic. Greatly portrayed and acted. Due to the unusual, sometimes complex story, a completely different image of a costume drama.

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