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Netflix is ​​developing series The Escape about Princess Latifa's failed escape

Netflix is ​​developing series The Escape about Princess Latifa's failed escape

A television drama about Princess Latifa of Dubai, who tried to flee her life in the Emirates but was forcibly sent back, is in the works by Lindsay Shapero, the writer of Netflix's Winter Palace.
The Finnish Yellow Film & TV is developing The Escape, which tells about Latifa's relationship with her friend Tiina Jauhianen, a Finnish woman.

Latifa made a daring escape attempt in 2018 by hiding in the tire well of a car and crossing the Gulf of Oman on a jet ski, but she was forcibly returned to Dubai through a joint Indian Emirati operation. Latifa and Jauhianen were kidnapped, imprisoned and interrogated.

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Jauhianen was eventually deported from the United Arab Emirates and Latifa (photo left) was held captive in her own country. After a sustained international campaign, Lafita was found outside Dubai several years later and a UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said she had met her and was doing well and wanted privacy.

Shapero is the writer of the upcoming Netflix period drama Winter Palace, which is being co-produced with a Swiss broadcaster. His past credits include the BAFTA-nominated film Enid, a BBC drama starring Helena Bonham Carter as Enid Blyton, and the film Red Joan starring Judi Dench.

“This is a powerful story about human rights and the freedom that we all want in our lives,” said Shapero. “But what is most appealing is that it’s about two female friends who will go to the wire for each other. I feel very privileged to be writing such an important and emotive series.”

Yellow Film & TV will have the cameras rolling around this time next year. Executive producers are Jackie Larkin and Olli Haikka.
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