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Drama series about the benefits affair can be seen this autumn on BNNVARA

Drama series about the benefits affair can be seen this autumn on BNNVARA

BNNVARA komt binnenkort met de driedelige dramaserie De Toeslagenaffaire, geregisseerd door Joram Lürsen.
Three years ago, BNNVARA announced that a television series about the benefits affair was in the making and now it has finally been announced when it will be shown. We'll have to be patient for a few more months.


At the beginning of 2021, the Rutte III cabinet resigned due to the now infamous benefits affair. Tens of thousands of parents were wrongly suspected of fraud as a result of which they had to repay their childcare allowance. Several of these victims even ended up in debt as a result.

Many creative minds thought this was enough fodder for a film - which will be shown in cinemas in September - and therefore also for a television series.

The cast and the precise content of the series will soon be announced by BNNVARA, but it is already clear in which period we can expect the series. The Supplementary Affair can be seen on NPO 1 in the autumn.

The director of the project is Joram Lürsen, who previously made the film Banker of the Resistance and the series Day & Night.

De Toeslagenaffaire will premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF) at the end of September. It is not yet known exactly when the three-part series will be broadcast on television.
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