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Nominating for the Series of the Year election 2023

Nominating for the Series of the Year election 2023

Each year, MySeries holds a series of the year election. This year, the voters can once again decide which series was the best.
Just like last year, we once again ask our readers which series they consider to be the best. And this year, we once again want to include your nominations. Naturally, you were already able to vote through our monthly polls, but these may not have featured all the series you would like to see at #1.

We are nominating series that aired from December 2022 up until and including November 2023.

If you wish to nominate some series, then you are able to do that here. Have a quick read through the rules and post a comment of your list with series, actresses, and actors who you considered to be the best in 2022. Your nominations will be taken into account when our writers are creating their top 10s.

If you've got any ideas or suggestions, feel free to add them to your comment or send a personal message to Jos (Lange) or Mandy (Mandy1966). Up until the 5th of December, you will be able to share your nominations with us. Good luck nominating!

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