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Series of the year election 2023 - November 2023 poll

Series of the year election 2023 - November 2023 poll

Since 2012, MySeries has held a series of the year election every year. Every year our fantastic writers nominate ten series in fifteen categories. But every single year there is always that one category where people just aren't satisfied.
And even though the MySeries reader was already able to nominate series, it just isn't enough. Now we have decided to publish a poll every month in which you can vote on 15 series that had a new season or premiered in that month. We will collect this data and include it in the nominations at the end of the year.

November '23

All the Light We Cannot See - New
The Artful Dodger - New
Black Cake - New
The Buccaneers - New
The Crown - Drama
Echo - New
Fargo - Crime
Ferry: De Serie - New
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters - New
A Murder at the End of the World - New
Obliterated - New
Santos - New
Seven Wonders - New
Shetland - Crime
Suburræterna - New

Each month, we ask which of the fifteen series you would nominate. The possible category it could be part of can be seen next to the name. If nothing you enjoyed is part of the list of this month, then maybe next month will be more to your liking. At the end of the year, we will of course ask the reader again which series deserves a nomination.

You will be able to vote until the 2nd of December. By doing so, you may win a premium account for three months.

Current ranking October '23

1. Lupin

2. Marvel's Loki
Marvel's Loki

3. Bosch: Legacy
Bosch: Legacy
Serie van het jaar verkiezing 2023 - poll november 2023
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Comments (1)

Karzal Wed 15 November, 21:40
Just fyi, we know Echo is on the list - but due to many votes already being in, we cannot remove the series. Echo will not premiere in November 2023 :)
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