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Pilot season ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and The CW

This year, the pilot season will be slightly different. Pilots of the previous year remain unfinished and new pilot scripts have also been delayed.

Decisions about the pilots of 2021 will take place later than expected, which is not a surprise considering everything that is happening. ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and The CW have, however, made some decisions about pilots that are currently awaiting their verdict. Next to that, the question remains what the upcoming pilot season is going to look like.

Three 2020 ABC pilots received a straight to series order; Big Sky, Rebel (2021) and the comedy Call Your Mother. Next to that, the network has also decided to pick up Home Economics. Production on the pilot of Harlems Kitchen had been moved to January 2021, but ABC has decided to discontinue production of the series. That only leaves the pilots Bossy and Work Wife. Work Wife has already been through the recording process, but no decision has been made as of yet. Bossy hasn't finished production, and a decision about its future hasn't been made either. From the second pilot round, ABC has listed Triage, National Park Service and Acts of Crime. Triage has recently been finished, National Park Service will soon follow. ABC has already granted Acts of Crime a pilot production. Next to the previously mentioned circumstances, pilot orders at ABC may also be delayed due to internal shifts at the network.

Big Sky

The only pilot of this entire article that could be finished has been made for CBS, the pilot of B Positive. Production on this series actually managed to continue during the pandemic, just like United States of Al, which comes from the same creator. The Equalizer and The Silence of the Lambs series sequel Clarice were given a straight to series order the by the network. Eventually, the pilots of Ghosts, Wild Things (also known as The Big Bad Wolves) and The Three of Us were also recorded. The pilot Ways & Means will be shot in New York in January. The recording process for Good Sam is planned to begin in Canada in February. Welcome To Georgia will enter production in March. The comedy Jury Duty could still receive a pilot pickup at the network.

Call me Kat has just started and was given a straight to series order by FOX in 2020. The network has recently continued working on the pilot of This Country, of which a large portion had already been finished before the production stop. As soon as it's completely safe, the recording process for The Cleaning Lady, Blood Relative and Pivoting will begin. The recording process of Big Leap had already started in December 2020, but was halted due to various corona cases amongst the cast and crew. Production will likely resume in February. Supposedly, FOX has two projects in the works that could receive a straight to series order. The two projects are Our Kind of People and a Country Music Dynasty drama. Next to that, FOX has already given a straight to series order to the Fantasy Island reboot series and work has already started on an animated comedy from Dan Harmon.

Call Me Kat

NBC has resumed work on the pilot of Debris. A portion of the pilot was already shot before the production stop. Supposedly, La Brea will also be given the green light shortly. Last Summer, NBC decided to give La Brea a straight to series order. It is also expected that American Auto and Grand Crew will also be given the green light soon. NBC has renewed cast contracts due to the various delays. Next to that, NBC is considering to once again pick up the pilots of At That Age, Crazy for You, Jefferies and Someone Out There. Here to, these pilot orders could be delayed due to various layoffs within NBC companies.

Last year, The CW gave a straight to series order to Superman & Lois, Walker, Kung Fu and The Republic of Sarah. The network has decided to stop working on the ordered pilot of the Arrow spin-off Green Arrow and the Canaries. The pilot aired in January 2020 as part of the final season of Arrow. The CW will continue working on the The 100 prequel, which will probably air on both The CW and HBO Max. Cast contracts of both pilots expired last year. The pilots of Maverick and The Lost Boys will probably become part of this pilot season. Allegedly, The CW will give various series a straight to series order, including Wonder Girl and Naomi.
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