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TV ratings America week 38

In collaboration with The Nielsen Company, MySeries will publish the viewer ratings every week. In this news item, it will show which series have been watched the most. For more on your favourite series' viewer ratings, you can check the series' main page or the Premium account.

You will find a summary of the series with the best viewer ratings in the States from 19 September 2022 to 25 September 2022 below.

SeriesRatingsEpisodeChannelBroadcast on

Below you find the top 25 of best viewed programs. This list also includes repeats and programs that are not known by MySeries.

SeriesRatingsChannelBroadcast on
1Nfl regular season l (tennesse6.57ESPNmaandag 19 sep
2Five, the3.68FOX NEWS CHANNELdinsdag 20 sep
3Five, the3.58FOX NEWS CHANNELmaandag 19 sep
4College football prime l (arkansas3.5ESPNzaterdag 24 sep
5Five, the3.35FOX NEWS CHANNELwoensdag 21 sep
6Hannity3.23FOX NEWS CHANNELwoensdag 21 sep
7Monday night kickoff l3.23ESPNmaandag 19 sep
8Tucker carlson tonight3.21FOX NEWS CHANNELdinsdag 20 sep
9Five, the3.15FOX NEWS CHANNELdonderdag 22 sep
10Tucker carlson tonight3.08FOX NEWS CHANNELwoensdag 21 sep
11Tucker carlson tonight3FOX NEWS CHANNELdonderdag 22 sep
12Jesse watters primetime2.92FOX NEWS CHANNELdinsdag 20 sep
13Five, the2.91FOX NEWS CHANNELvrijdag 23 sep
14Tucker carlson tonight2.85FOX NEWS CHANNELmaandag 19 sep
15Jesse watters primetime2.78FOX NEWS CHANNELmaandag 19 sep
16Tucker carlson tonight2.76FOX NEWS CHANNELvrijdag 23 sep
17Jesse watters primetime2.72FOX NEWS CHANNELwoensdag 21 sep
18Hannity2.71FOX NEWS CHANNELdonderdag 22 sep
19Special rpt w/bret baier2.7FOX NEWS CHANNELmaandag 19 sep
20Hannity2.68FOX NEWS CHANNELdinsdag 20 sep
21Jesse watters primetime2.64FOX NEWS CHANNELdonderdag 22 sep
22Special rpt w/bret baier2.44FOX NEWS CHANNELdinsdag 20 sep
23Special rpt w/bret baier2.42FOX NEWS CHANNELwoensdag 21 sep
24Funeral of queen elizabth2.4FOX NEWS CHANNELmaandag 19 sep
25Special rpt w/bret baier2.37FOX NEWS CHANNELdonderdag 22 sep

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2022 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.
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