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TV ratings America week 43

TV ratings America week 43

In collaboration with The Nielsen Company, MySeries will publish the viewer ratings every week. In this news item, it will show which series have been watched the most. For more on your favourite series' viewer ratings, you can check the series' main page or the Premium account.

You will find a summary of the series with the best viewer ratings in the States from 23 October 2023 to 29 October 2023 below.

SeriesRatingsEpisodeChannelBroadcast on
1 The Voice (US)4.76S24E09NBCmaandag 23 oct
2 The Voice (US)4.2S24E10NBCdinsdag 24 oct
3 Dancing with the Stars3.66S32E05ABCdinsdag 24 oct
4 Survivor3.52S45E05CBSwoensdag 25 oct
5 The Irrational2.98S01E05NBCmaandag 23 oct
6 The Masked Singer2.58S10E06FOXwoensdag 25 oct
7 Found2.5S01E04NBCdinsdag 24 oct
8 Big Brother2.33S25E35CBSdinsdag 24 oct
9 Big Brother2.25S25E37CBSzondag 29 oct
10 Shark Tank2.25S15E05ABCvrijdag 27 oct
11 Big Brother2.21S25E36CBSdonderdag 26 oct
12 The Amazing Race2.1S35E05CBSwoensdag 25 oct
13Hell's Kitchen (US)1.56S22E05FOXdonderdag 26 oct
14 Bachelor in Paradise1.54S09E05ABCdonderdag 26 oct
15 The Simpsons0.76S35E04FOXzondag 29 oct
16Bob's Burgers0.57S14E04FOXzondag 29 oct
17 Krapopolis0.52S01E06FOXzondag 29 oct

Below you find the top 25 of best viewed programs. This list also includes repeats and programs that are not known by MySeries.

SeriesRatingsChannelBroadcast on
1Mlb nlcs (diamondbacks/phillies gm8.89TBS NETWORKdinsdag 24 oct
2Nfl regular season l (san fran7.35ESPNmaandag 23 oct
360 minutes7.11CBSzondag 29 oct
4Mon night football on abc7.08ABCmaandag 23 oct
5Football nt america pt 36.83NBCzondag 29 oct
6Fox world series game 15.79FOXvrijdag 27 oct
7Fox world series game 25.04FOXzaterdag 28 oct
8Voice4.76NBCmaandag 23 oct
9Mlb nlcs (diamondbacks/phillies gm4.6TBS NETWORKmaandag 23 oct
10Fox+fs1 mlb alcs: gm 74.36FOXmaandag 23 oct
11Voice-tue4.2NBCdinsdag 24 oct
12Football nt america pt 24.19NBCzondag 29 oct
13Mon night kickoff4.1ABCmaandag 23 oct
14Yellowstone 13.83CBSzondag 29 oct
15Dancing with the stars3.66ABCdinsdag 24 oct
16Survivor3.52CBSwoensdag 25 oct
17Golden bachelor, the3.46ABCdonderdag 26 oct
18Five, the3.31FOX NEWS CHANNELwoensdag 25 oct
19Nbc b1g sat night footbll3.28NBCzaterdag 28 oct
20Saturday night football3.27ABCzaterdag 28 oct
21Monday night kickoff l (progress3.18ESPNmaandag 23 oct
22Five, the3.08FOX NEWS CHANNELdonderdag 26 oct
23Voice-tue 8p3.08NBCdinsdag 24 oct
24Nba regular season l (dallas/sa2.99ESPNwoensdag 25 oct
25Five, the2.98FOX NEWS CHANNELvrijdag 27 oct

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