Peak Practice

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43 min
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Season 1, Episode 2


Ellie tries to help pensioner Douglas Hart with his cataract problem. However he is stubborn and gets by with a lot of help from his close friend Alice North. Will is being constantly nagged by is wife Sarah. She feels Jack's presence at The Beeches will push Will into being a part-timer. Will says 'Roll on the day'.Dan Acres implies to Sarah that Jack and Beth are seeing each other. Jack and Ellie tell Beth that she must be more firmer with hospital in order for Douglas to get the operation he needs. Beth says it's not as easy as that and that patients have to wait their turn. Jack later pops around to Beth's to discuss waiting list procedures. She invites him to stay for dinner. They resolve to have a work free conversation, despite the initial awkwardness they find that they alcohol in common! Sarah presses Will about Jack and Beth, she tells him what Dan said and says with Jack and Beth now 'at it' he will certainly be pushed out of the practice. Douglas falls over whilst trying to



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