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Do you keep track of your time spent on TV shows?
Watching series takes time. Maybe more than you'd like to - but you do want to know how much you've watched, right?

If you want to, we'll calculate that for you.
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Making life easier using lists
Writing stuff down makes it easier to remember things. The same goes for TV shows.

For instance, here at MySeries we use lists to keep track of TV shows we want to watch. Or listing which series we think are the best.
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Knowing when the next episode airs
It’s rather dull work to check airing dates. We can let you know when the next episode will air on TV.

We’ll send you an email when the next episode airs and when news items appear - but only if you want to.
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What to watch
Keeping track of the remaining episodes in a TV show can be tedious work.

At MySeries we let you know which episodes you haven’t watched yet. Super easy stuff, right?
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Suggestions for new series
Looking for something new to watch? We’ll give you suggestions according to your liked TV shows.

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