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Scandal Season 3 "Battle Of Her Life" Promo (HD)

America's biggest obsession is back - the battle of Olivia Pope's life begins soon. Scandal season 3 premieres October 3rd on ABC! Official website: Official Facebook Page: Official Twitter Page: Scandal on Amazon: Scandal 3x01 Promo/Preview "It's Handled" Scandal Season 3 Episode 1 Promo Scandal 3x01 Promo "It's Handled" (HD) Scandal 3x01, Scandal 3x01 Promo, Scandal 3x01 Preview, Scandal 3x01 Trailer, televisionpromosdb, Scandal S03E01 Promo, Scandal, Season 3, Episode 01, televisionpromosdb, ABC, It's Handled, Promo, Preview

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John Doe
Poster off Scandal