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BBC and Amazon have renewed The Offenders with its second season

Production on the first season hasn't even finished as of yet, but BBC and Amazon have decided to renew the British comedy series with its second season.

The Offenders will be made available on Amazon Prime Video and at BBC One. The networks have revealed that they've already renewed the series with a second season. This has all happened even though the first season hasn't even been fully produced as of yet. After twelve days of production, it was halted due to the lockdown. In the meanwhile, production in England has resumed. The second season will be produced right after production on the first has finished. Each season will have six episodes.

The series follows seven strangers, also known as The Offenders. They all come from different layers of society. As they get more involved in each other's lives, they also end up more involved in a dangerous criminal gang. Near the end of 2020, it was revealed that Christopher Walken (Severance) would portray one of the lead characters. Next to that, more cast members were also revealed.

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