The Ranch

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" gives "The Ranch - Season 2" a 6.5."
Written by on 27 May 2018.
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The Ranch - Season 2

Watching The Ranch, was something I was looking forward to. This was mainly due to the presence of Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson, whom I know as Michael Kelso and Steven Hyde from That 70's Show. That show became the breakthrough for Kutcher and I personally have seen every single episode at least 3 times during my teenage years.

If you can't get enough of That 70's show, then this show is an easy follow-up as the characters are quite similar. Picture Danny Masterson without Led Zeppelin t-shirts and put him into an overall and you've got Rooster (his character in the show). As Hyde he was always chasing women, liked a beer, smoked some joints and displayed a fair amount of sarcasm. Rooster is exactly the same, besides the fact that he works on a ranch. Kutcher's character on That 70's show is known as a bit of dumb person and once again here his character isn't exactly bright. This is indicated by remarks, such as "Barcelona is the Paris of Europe".

In season 1 we saw how Colt Bennett returned to the ranch of his father (Sam Elliot, Grace and Frankie), after a failed career in American Football. He joins his brother at the ranch, helps out and as a result of that he slowly makes his way back into the society of the small town of Garrison. It's a small village with only 512 inhabitants, as shown in the intro. The lives of several characters take place entirely within this town. Mama Bennett (Debra Winger, Tears of Endearment) works at the local bar and Colt's ex-wife works as a history teacher at the only secondary school of the town. In season 2 the story moves on with three new possible love stories for the ranchers, a big job opportunity for one of them and some fights in between.

The Ranch is a typical sitcom: short episodes with some laughs and some tears. Despite the cast having several years of sitcom experience and the presence of two movie giants of olden days (Sam Elliot & Debra Winger), this show still isn't watched or mentioned all that much. And this is understandable. The jokes used in this show are often quite clich├ęd, repeated many times or they're just not funny. After two seasons, it's become fairly easy to predict what'll happen next. For example: Colt and Rooster go to their mother's bar, drink some beers and regular customer Hank cracks a joke.

The show can be seen as quite weak: it's not very funny and it's not exciting. The highlight of the show is Sam Elliot as 'grumpy dad' Beau Bennett. He provides us with the funniest moments as well as the most heart-warming ones. Elliot is easily the best actor of the show and actually manages to look like a genuine cowboy.

Even though Masterson and Kutcher have quite some experience in the comedy business, this isn't really noticeable in the show. I'm a huge fan of Winger, especially her old work, but this show is definitely not the highlight of her career. I do like the intro of the show. As of the second season, I often sing along with the song made by (among others) Lukas Nelson (son of Willie Nelson). Also fun; in the intro you see several photos of cast members in cowboy style, such as Debra Winger with a cowboy hat in Urban Cowboy (1980) and Danny Masterson alongside a motorbike from Beethoven's 2nd (1993).

The interesting thing is, that even though this show isn't all that great, I keep coming back. I only 'had to' watch two seasons of this show for this review, and it only took me a month to fly through the show. Good quality? No. Addictive? Definitely.
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